Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Givenchy 2010 Nigthingale Bag Review by Beegee

Hi everyone and sorry there was no new posting yesterday. I was very busy at work. I normally post new bag reviews every Monday. Hope everyone is doing well. The following is another bag review by Beegee. Thank you to the sweet Beegee for taking the time to share with everyone.

Here is another review of my purchase made from jacky. This is the givenchy 2010 nigthingale with zippered details. I fell in love with this bag because of the kardasians. So I decided to get one.

The bag cost less than 150dollars and the shipping took 3 days. Very nice leather, soft and not too thin. This bag is very big and roomy. However i dont like it much, i prefer structured bags to slouchy ones, so this bag is not for me, but since I am bags crazy I will add it to my collection.

Apart from being too slouchy for me, the gold metal rings that attach the long handle to the bag keeps coming off, the fault is because the space between the joints are too wide. I
 fixed it back a couple of times and I just gave up, and the bag doesn't look as nice without the long handle.

However upon comparison online, the bags compares well i must say, the interior is made from fabric which is the case with the original, the stiches inside are a bit sloppy but still ok we are talking 150dollars here.

I hope jacky does more bags in colors apart from black and brown, I have enough black bags for now and I want to continue to buy from him.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Celine Luggage Tote Bag Review by Beegee

The Following bag review is by Beegee. Thank you for sharing with everyone.

Hi, you gave me jacky's website like 2 months back, I am happy that you did, my first purchase is the celine luggage tote the large size, it's huge, am quite short so it was a bit overwhelming but since i have always lusted after the bag i dont mind. I want to do a review. I havent seen an original before but i did a comparison online and its almost perfect i tell you.
Firstly the leather is delicious, and so thick and smooth to the touch, the stiches are even and the edges are smooth. The bag is almost perfect and it smells heavenly. It's also well structured for those who like bags that hold up, this is your bag. It holds a lot of stuff. It also comes with a huge dustbag, the dustbag is so thick and looks like the real thing. However, it cannot be carried on the shoulder and it's quite heavy also, even without anything in it.
The only fault it had was the pockets inside for phones, the stictches didn't hold up and are already coming out just after a few days, but I can live with that. I get so many compliments from colleagues. More pics one shows the ripped inner pockets. I spent almost 200dollars and the bag got to the UK within 5days. I am simply in love with the bag. It sold out quickly though. I am thinking of getting it in brown mini size. My pictures are not too good though i just wanted to share.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Authentic Fendi Magic Bag Review by AR.

The following bag review is by the great AR. Thank you for sharing with everyone.

I recently borrowed this bag from a friend who received it from her mother.  My friend told me her mom purchased it at Bloomingdales in NYC about 5 years ago, or more.

I have included detailed photos of the front, back, inside, screws, and authenticity card.  The bag only has 1 handle.  The screw on the front and back of the bag are round and have the FF symbol.  The screws in the inside of the bag are plain and flat.  I tried to be as detailed as possible with these photos to help anyone else purchasing a Fendi Bag.  Please let me know if you need more photos or if something does not look right.  It was hard for me to get an inside bag shot since it has a tight drawstring on the inside that needs to be pulled (as in 1 photo).  The interior is cotton and has the words "FENDI"' printed on it ...I was unable to get a clear shot of this (even w flash) bc its just too dark and wasn't able to stretch out the bag that much.


Monday, April 4, 2011

LV Mirage Noir Speedy (30) by C

The following bag review is by the sweet C. Thank you for sharing with everyone.
Mirage Noir Speedy (30)
This is a gorgeous Speedy Noir from Joy.  I purchased this about a year ago and its really an eye catcher. The monogram canvas changes color depending on the lighting its mesmerizing!!!  I have seen one IRL but it was on display so I didn't get to actually inspect it, but for a fraction of the cost, its real to me!  The exterior stitching is amazing, however, the interior pocket which should be under the heat stamp had to be removed b/c the stitching became loose (probably from me trying to read the date code). Also, you can tell from the photos that the underside of the handles are wrinkled. I don't know if this is normal but I have an authentic Epi Black Speedy 25 and there isn't this much wrinkle.
 It is the size of a 30 speedy so you can fit a lot into it.  Unlike a monogram speedy, the bottom holds its shape much better and the canvas is sturdier (not buttery).  The interior suede material is soft to touch but not cheap feeling.  The lock that came with it was a bit flimsy but I replaced it with an authentic one and added an authentic bordeaux bandeau to polish her off.  I'm tempted to get the bordeaux one since its currently on sale:P