Monday, February 28, 2011

LV Popincourt Bag Review By TDK

The following bag review is by the lovely TDK. Thank you for sharing. Personally I don't suggest anyone to order from Sofia's website. To read more about her please read the following post I wrote.

I bought this LV Popincourt from Replica*****. I ordered it based on the review from Sofia website which "supposes" to give a review on replica sites but turn out she runs or is part owner of Replica**** Anyway, I got the bag after about a week, these are pictures of the bag, to be fair it looks quite good except for some indentations on the leather as I pointed out on the picture. The price is a bit high if compare to iOffer but I haven't bought anything from sellers on iOffer so I can't compare the quality.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chloe Paddington Bag Review By Tanesha

The following bag review is by the pretty Tanesha. Thank you for sharing.

here's a new chloe paddington bag i ordered from joy during the chinese new year. i was quite disappointed and the overwhelming smell of plastic is sickening. this is the comment i left her website.
 " just received my bag and i have to say that i am not completely satisfied with it. i ordered it during the Chinese new year so it took longer to process but onced it shipped it got here in 4 days. i love the leather because it is smooshy and thick just like the real one. and the bag is very heavy as described of the real one. but the padlock is a dead giveaway. the keyhole is supposed to have the rounder part facing up like in the picture(on her site) and mine is upside down. that is the number one easiest way to spot a fake. i know its a replica but thats a huge detail flaw. and for some reason my padlock has scratches on it and it is turning silver. its still a great bag over all but im kinda disappointed. maybe mine was just one of the bad apples in the bunch. i think ill just stick with LV from here."

everything from her site can't always be perfect and i know that, but i expected minor flaws, not glaring ones that you can see from a mile a way. but i love her LV bags so i will just continue to buy those from her.

Gucci Double GG Twins Hobo Bag by Tess

The following bag review is by the lovely Tess. Thank you for sharing.

I've bought quite a number of replicas before and they all turn out disastrous!!!! And this purchase of Gucci Double G hobo bag took me lots and lots of courage (to buy!) and research to find the best seller with the best price. 

I got this bag from Catty, but i was skeptical at first, as all the reviews about her was on her majoring in LVs only, but oh boy! I was totally so in love with it the moment i opened the box!!!! 

Communication with seller - need to write in very common simple English and to be very very very precise and clear. Catty's not Joy.
Smell of leather - Genuine leather, not artificial plasticy smell
Stitching - Perfecto!
Flaws - NIL!!!
Colour - i would say nearly the same or on spot as the authentic one (i've seen it myself in Harvey Nichols UK), the canvas looks real close to the authentic ones (i can't put a 101% confirmation as im not an expert on Gucci, but to me, i would have mistaken it for the real thing).
Size- exactly on spot 30x30x12.
Dust bag - a friend of mine has the authentic dust bag, so she told me that the dust bag was kind of 'meh.... esp on the GUCCI wordings'. but i'm not too bothered coz i dont bring a dustbag to flaunt about!!! lol!!!

I won't elaborate more, but check out my pics and compare it to the real thing from the link below:

I would definitely buy from Catty again and again!!!! Thanks Catty for giving me the hope and courage to shop for replicas again!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Be careful When Sharing Sellers Information.

Hi this post will be about why people are so reluctant to share sellers' information and why everything is such a big secret. On my blog, I usually take down websites that have seller's information. People who do this are not being bitches or snobs. There is a good reason why sellers' information are sooo protective. If you do a google search, there are millions of sites to shop for replica bags. The big question is who to trust? How do you know which websites are safe and dependable? How do you know if you are getting great quality bags? People who do shop for replica bags know which sellers are good and they will keep shopping from them. The problem is there aren't that many dependable and reliable sellers left. That is why people from many forums and blogs try to protect the sellers and make sure that they do stay in business. Recently Joy's website was seized by Homeland Security Investigations, because too many people shared the website openly online. Of course there are consequences, that is why Joy’s website is gone. The good news is Joy has a backup site and is up and running. This is a lesson to be learn not to share websites openly and always use sellers’ first name only. When I get bag reviews from people I asked people not to share websites information with anyone. If people want the seller’s information they would go the extra mile and get it by doing a bag review or doing research. It is fair and the sellers’ information are kept safe from publics’ eyes.  The next time people ask for any sellers’ information online or any forums or blogs, please do not give it out publicly. It does more harm than good.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Chanel Tote Bag Review.

Hi everyone, I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's day. Hope everyone is sharing this love day with their love ones. If you are single like me, share it with your family members.

On with the bag, this is an authentic Chanel Tote bag that my friend own. Please use these pictures as references. I try give as much details as possible. I cannot stress enough to always look at pics of authentic bags to see all the patterns, stitching, length, color or logo so when you want to buy a rep you know what you are looking at. Spending an extra hour learning about the bag will save you money in the long run and you will avoid the mistake of buying a frankenbag. So be educated and don't be afraid to ask questions from sellers. It's your hard earn money, so don't be scrammed.

The front of the bag.

Inside of the bag

The right side of the chain handle.

The left side of the chain handle

The front logo

The inside bag with the chain handle

The snap buckle logo

The serial code

The chain handles.

The back of the chain handle right

The left of the chain handle.

The back of the bag.

The bottom of the bag with the four feets.

The side of the bag.

The other side of the bag.

The length of the bag is 16in.

The bottom length is 13in.

The length of the bag from the handle to the bag is 10in.

The length of the bag excluding the handle is 11in