Monday, March 28, 2011

LV Tivoli PM Bag Review by Kiki

The following bag review is by the lovely Kiki. Thank you for sharing with everyone.

A little bit about me:   I've been buying replica LV off of ioffer for the past year, and its the best decision I've ever made!!  I have beautiful bags now for a fraction of the real price, with only small defects, so in my mind its like I bought them at the great LV outlet... in China, lol.  
 So here is my review on my Tivoli PM.  I bought it from PinkCherry on ioffer about a year ago.   I think I got it in June 2010, used it for about 4-5 months, and its been stored in its dustbag all winter.  It has some slight imperfections... the handle is a bit too small and not as round as the real one.  I'm sure there are other tiny things but in the grand scheme of having a handbag that I ADORE but cannot afford...its perfect the way it is.  :)  The stitching is pretty good on this one, the leather has not patina-ed much at all, but I prefer it lighter anyway. Also I did spray it with Kiwi Leather protector to keep it from spotting in the rain and I think this slowed the patina process.  (btw, spraying it with the leather protector DOES work... I've been in caught in a downpour with this bag, not a spot to be seen afterwards!)    The reps I've bought over the last year have all held up really well.... and I really don't baby my bags so I have to imagine its because they are well made!  I love all my replica bags....  I can get the exact bag I want (even the LE ones!!) for a fraaaaaction of the price.
Btw, I love your blog. I suprised I didn't find it back when I started looking around for good rep sites.  I love that there is an alternative to TPF for girls who love replica handbags and can show off their purchases, talk about the sellers they love, and enjoy their beautiful handbags! :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Authentic LV Speedy 25 by Ayse

Hi everyone, the following bag review is by Ayse. Thank you for sharing with your purchase. 

I have bought a couple of authentic bags only to understand that they just do not worth the money. As you have very well said in your blog, it doesn't make sense to pay that much for them when they get it done in a third world country for $10. So now I need a couple bags and I am looking for a reliable seller of rep bags, that's how I came up with your blog. I would appreciate if you could forward me the info of those sellers you mention in Ioffer. I don't have much of a story for this my first auth. Speedy LV bag. It cost me more than $700. I bought
it from the LV store in Houston-Galleria. It is definitely very good quality, the leather and the stiching, but honestly after paying that much it better be good quality right? I couldnt take pics of inside but the inside is a little too plain actually, has a very small pocket inside (can hardly fit anything). It would be nice if they put a few more pockets and details inside. If I see a good quality Rep LV bag I wouldn't know the difference. But I guess some people do. While I was waiting at a counter in a coffee shop in San Diego, this lady commented on it saying "one hardly ever sees the real ones knowa days, that mine is very nice". But again for me I wouldnt know the difference if I saw a good quality rep. Here are pics of it.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Louis Vuitton Galliera in Damier Azur by Lianne

Hi everyone and happy Monday. I know, monday sucks. Look at it this way at least tomorrow is not Monday. LOL!!! So today's bag review is by the lovely Lianne. Thank you for sharing with everyone.

Louis Vuitton Galliera in Damier Azur:

I purchased this from Joy and was a bit sketchy at first about the quality of the bag, but I read reviews everywhere saying that Joy sells one of the best LV replicas for a decent price so I decided to give it a chance. First, let me say that the shipping rates are reasonable and delivery was pretty fast (around 11 business days to Canada/US). So after opening my package, the first thing I did was check the stitching and hardware (all the small details). Definitely surprised. Very good. There are a few flaws, of course, but the bag was very close to the original. Nobody would be able to tell from a distance. The plate in the front was correct, the patterns were in the correct spots, the material inside was close but not exact, the design of the interior was correct and I did not find any flaws in the stitching. There was a little funny smell in the beginning but after airing it out, it was fine. The only thing I have to complain about is the color of the damier azur canvas. I own a few other authentic LV damier azur products and this bag seems to have a darker leather. It wasn't extremely noticeable, but there is definitely a slight difference. Overall, for less than $200 in total, this bag was worth it. Now I am just waiting for it to patina, can't wait!

Monday, March 7, 2011

LV Monogram Vernis, color Sunset Boulevard by WL

There is one announcement, Jacky just recently chance his website. If anyone needs his new site please submit a bag review according to the rules and regulations I posted on my blog.
The following bag review is by the lovely WL. Thank you for sharing with us.
I have attached some photos of a replica LV Monogram Vernis, color Sunset Boulevard. 

I bought this bag from southern China a while back. The leather and color is very good, one can't actually tell is fake unless under bright sun light, because I went to the LV shop to have a look and the authentic one is actually darker in color. 

I have used this bag few times, all the stitches are still very strong and you can see that the thread used is good quality and the stitches are strong. Not like other bags, I have one authentic coach bag, and even the stitches on the handle came out after few usage.

Thank you.