Monday, November 29, 2010

Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday Contest.

   Hi everyone, I am very happy to announce my very first blog contest for the Christmas/Holiday season. =) This is my way of saying thank you for reading my blog. However, the prize will not be a rep bag. Sorry. =( Maybe in the future when I have more people joining and reading my blog and more money. What is the prize? Your very own hand-made crystal earrings. A great gift for yourself or even for your family or friends. 

This is the Swarovski Crystal star and triple pearl post earrings.
The sterling sliver Swarovski crystal star earrings measure 8mm. Each of the star has three heart chain dangling cream color pearls measuring 6mm. The measurement of the earrings are a little over 1.5 inches. Simple and very elegant. Pretty and prefect for anyone who loves stars and pearls. Prefect for the Holiday season party or winter season. My camera is not the greatest, so the picture is not as great as it should be. Trust me, it looks better in person. 

Here are the rules:
1. The contest is starting today and ends in two weeks. From November 29, 2010 to December 13, 2010. It will end exactly midnight eastern pacific time. 

2. Just comment below with your e-mail address and I'll contact you if you win. Only one entry in the comment section with your e-mail address. I pick the winner from a hat. You do not have to be a follower on my blog. This is open to everyone in the world. If you are under 18 years old, please ask for your parent's permission first.

3. I will announce the winner after two weeks, if the winner doesn't response in 48 hours, the prize will go to another contestant.

4. If you do not win, don't worry, there will be future contest on my blog and good luck. 

Keep reading for more future bag reviews.   

Friday, November 26, 2010

Mulberry Alexa Oversized by Trish

    The following bag review is by the meticulous Trish. As much as I do not like buying from Pursevalley (Please read my post on Sofia the scammer.), Trish have had a great shopping experience with them. I am glad that someone was able to get what she paid for even after hearing so many negative things about that website. Thank you Trish for sharing your experience with us.

"Hi all,
        I would like to share my experience with pursevalley I have been following Sofia's blog for a while and decided to try out her most recommended site which is pursevalley. I wanted to get the mulberry Alexa oversized for college so i needed to be sure it was good quality and wouldn't fall apart carrying all my booksSmile with tongue
I ordered the Alexa with two other bags for their 30% discount. After putting in the credit card details i got an e-mail of them a day later saying my credit card got declined so i got onto the life support customer service. They answered fast and were helpful but they would not except any credit cards from Ireland as the fraudulence rate with credit cards was too high here. They would only except western union or bank transfer. I found this way too risky and got my order canceled.
I got back to Sofia and told her about it and she responded saying its no risk at all with pursevalley. So i decided to only order one bag from them with western union in case there was something wrong with the order. E-mails to pursevalley were answered also very fast within 12 hours. The Alexa bag was quite expensive at 359$-288euro.
The bag arrived only 5 days later. I was very nervous opening it i must say after reading various articles about Sofia and the site. The bag was packed carefully in plastic twice. My first thought was that it was very good quality and smelled of leather and looked exactly like the pictures on the site. The leather itself is soft and the bag seems very sturdy. It has all the detail of the real bag and the interior is very nice as well. The stitching is faultless. I had some trouble adjusting the straps as the metal bales were stiff to open but i managed.
So far i have put quite some stuff in there and I carried it to college every day for two months now. I also recently put groceries in there and it was quite heavy ( probably shouldn't do that!). Was a bit scared it might break but it didn't.
A few minor fault details, just because I'm very fussy ( and i think ye want me to be), are that the top flap of the bag seems to be made of a different textured leather than the sides if you can spot this in the photos. The real bag's top flap has a more textured or treated look to it and is thinner and softer than my replica. I was in the store comparing it to the real thing. Also the metal plate on the front of the bag saying mulberry is more shiny and golden on the real bag. Got a few compliments in there though so no one noticed. I think i paid too much for the bag as it probably cost 50 euro to make. So if you want to order the mulberry Alexa from this site it isn't bad at all with very good customer service but  maybe a bit expensive for me. The only thing i can say is don't be too hasty buying replica and get as much information first as you can and instead wait a bit longer. Read as many reviews on the net (not just on their site) as you can. Hope this was helpful to you and enjoy shoppingSmile"

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Louis Vuitton Monogram Neverfall by Tia

   Hey everyone, Happy Turkey day. Before I present another bag review by the lovey Tia. I just want to make a few announcements. 
First, there is a 20% off printable coupon (in-stores only) for Coach bags at factory outlets only. It is good until November 28, 2010. So anyone who is doing some outlet shopping this weekend, could save some money.

Second, I also have a complete list of all black Friday deals in USA. It's a long list in excel form. It will come in handy if anyone planning on shopping this black Friday. 

Finally, thank you everyone for reading my blog, makes me feel so special. =) Now may I present the lovey Tia and her LV Monogram Neverfall bag.

Monogram Neverfull
Again I bought this from a street vendor but this time in Venice, Italy for 40 euros. I think I got it down so low because the police were around the corner and he just wanted to make a sale lol l. I take it to University everyday and its a great size for all my textbooks and laptop etc. I think the quality is alright - I mean it hasn't broken or anything, but the handles havn't quite oxidized yet but oh well. Its a pretty good bag all up minus some pretty dodgy stitching on the rims and the inside is a bit sloppy but its on the inside so it doesn't bother me. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Damier Azur Canvas Speedy 30 Review by Tia

     Today's bag review is by the lovely Tia. Thank you Tia for your detail pictures and your bag review of the Demier Azur Canvas Speedy 30.

Damier Azur Canvas Speedy 30
I bought this bag from a street vendor in Florence, Italy for 30 euros after bargaining it down from like 60 euros. All up I LOVED the colour it was heaps summery and a lot of Italian women had it so I wanted one too. It is fairly sturdy and the handles are really nice and smooth, given that I use it everyday and throw it around. I'm not sure if its really supposed to have a gold plaque on it, but given that I use it a lot it has kind of tarnished and looks a bit yuk now :( But overall I really like this bag its a good size and its surprisingly easy and comfortable to carry around.


Hermes Birkin with silver hardware 40cm grey bag review by Ace

     The following bag review is by Ace and he is great to write a very detail summary of his Hermes Birkin from Joy. Thank you Ace.

"My Birkin arrived very promptly, all the way from China to California in less than a week. Ordering was easy and customer service with Joy. She was wonderful as usual. Joy is great at answering all questions and is honest about her products. If only the bag was as wonderful as Joy is... unfortunately, the Birkin had been stuffed into a small box, thus severely deforming it and bending the bag out of shape. The handles were especially bad - they were facing the wrong directions and looked terrible. This was very frustrating for me, as I look forward to being able to take a great replica out of the box and use it straight away.
There was also some sort of white paint or glue on the top edge of the Birkin. At first, I thought it was paper, so I tried to scratch it off. After trying and trying to remove the substance, I finally succeeded, but took a chunk out of the leather as a result. Annoying! Speaking of the leather, it is not nearly as soft or supple as I hoped it would be. I have an authentic Birkin for comparison, and this replica is hard to the touch and very stiff. The bag is rigid and feels like canvas.

The attention to detail is pretty good -Joy did a great job with the "Hermes - Paris" engraving on the metal plate - however, the stamped letters on the bag's strap are crooked and look unprofessional. I finally decided that the bag is NOT worth $200, and emailed Joy with a request to send it back.

Overall, I would give the whole experience a 5/10. I've used Joy in the past and like their products, bu not this time. Their Birkin needs a lot of work, and I would advise looking elsewhere for Hermes."