Friday, January 28, 2011

My view on sites such as, Bagaholics and other overprice websites.

I have a few people asking me about Bagaholics, mypurseparty or any other website. Here is my advice. Save some money. Those type of websites that charge you 200 to 300 dollars more are ripping you off. I have compare pictures and they are the same pictures from the seller Jacky and Ioffer. Bagaholics and mypurseparty is drop shipping using products from Jacky and ioffer. I wrote about this on, but my post got removed. For anyone who has Jacky's website, please compare the pictures from Bagaholics. You will be surprise. My question is why pay more for something, when you could get it at a cheaper at the source? Please save money especially in this economy. If you need more proof. Here it is.

Please compare the two pictures, the only thing different is the price. Why pay more? So be smart and do your research. Your wallet will be fuller and you will be happier. 
For anyone who wants Jacky's website, please submit a bag review according to the rules and regulation on the following post.

Hermes Birkin 35cm bag review by Wendy

Hi everyone, sorry for the late blog recently. I have been very busy with my new job. One announcement, I have Jacky's new website if anyone wants it. Please send me a bag review. On with the show, the following bag review is by the lovely Wendy. Thank you Wendy for sharing.

To find Wendy's seller information, please submit a bag review. Thank you.

Replica Hermes Birkin 35cm
I purchased this bag just to see how good the replica was compared to the real thing. Because they are crazy expensive! And was thinking like if I could find a good replica, then why pay full price for an authentic bag.  I wasn’t able to get a side by side picture with the bag to do a comparison. Well, this bag’s leather is really good. The stitching is in line as well. The bag holds it shape very well.  It also included the serial number on the strap. I also ordered this bag from Posh****.com and it took about 2 weeks shipping.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

LV 2008 Paris Souple Wish Bag by Frappwitz

Hi everyone and how is everyone's New Year so far? The following bag review is by the great Frappwitz. Thank you for showing us your purchase from Joy. Frappwitz didn't want any seller's information. Thank you for sharing.

I received my bag about 12 days from ordering from Joy.  I liked the fact that she answers your questions right away.  It is a chocolate brown leather that feels soft and smooth to touch.  The handle drop is 9", and the bag itself is 14x4x10 (LxWxH).  The lining is also a chocolate brown microfiber (the original is suede, but that's fine with me), with one small compartment.  The zipper slides smoothly.  It is well made and has stood up well to the number of times I've used it.  I get appreciative looks every time I use it.  I think it's the cute pompom on the side, lol.

Monday, January 10, 2011

LV Silver Alma Mirror MM bag review by Alexis

Hi everyone there are a few announcements. The first one is I just updated some information on the following post, Tips on not being scammed on Ioffer. Please read it.

The second announcement is the controversy on TFS. One member brought a BDR First and her bag was missing some hardware and the handle was detached. If you do not know about it, please read it on TFS forum. When the member stated her disliked on how T&D just shift the blame, and instead of other members supporting her, they indirectly attacked her. This is what bothers me most of all. A buy could never voice his/her true opinion without having people attacking her. How do you expect anyone to find a great seller when the truth is swept under the rug like nothing has happened? To make matters worst, the buyer instead of sticking to her beliefs, she changed her opinion to cater to other members on the forum and have the moderator erase any posts from her about the awful buying experiences from T&D. A forum should be a place for sharing ideas, issues or concerns without having anyone feel threaten, pressured or attacked. This is one reason why I hate forums like those. I just want all my readers here to know that I encourage everyone, no matter how small or big the problem is, please voice your opinion on any reps bags or any sellers. I do not pick favors and I do not discourage anyone. I try to be fair. Please do not be afraid to share. I do not ban anyone here, without good reason. Not even the lady who voice her disapproval on buying rep bags. (I have no problem her saying that the bag is a bad or an ugly rep, just don't lecture us on buying reps, which funds terrorists, gangs or create child laborers. That discussion belongs on another blog.)

With that out of the way, lets continue with another great review by the pretty Alexis. Thank you Alexis for sharing.
If anyone wants to know Alexis's seller, please submit a bag review. Thank you. 
       I purchased this Silver Alma Mirror MM from Pinkcherry*** on ioffer. She is my favorite seller and I have been buying from her for a year. I have 5 bags and all are extraordinary quality (LV Artsy GM, LV Palermo GM, Eclipse Speedy, Eclipse Alma, and the Mirror Alma MM in silver). Her LV Artsy bags are practically identical to the original. If anyone is interested in that style I can also review that bag as well. I choose to review her Mirror bag because it is a hard one to copy and this replica is practically flawless. I can not find anything off based on looking at pictures of the real one on blogs. The silver is the right shade. I will be purchasing it in gold soon. I know the gold is harder to match so you can't go wrong with any of the silver mirror styles. The inside is gray canvas with a vachetta leather logo square and two pockets (a cell phone and regular un-zippered pocket). It also comes with a mini strap to wrap the handles. The only thing missing was a luggage tag but I believe that only comes with the GM size. All of the hardware buttons have "Louis Vuitton" written on them and the dimensions of the bag are accurate. I just really love this bag and this seller. She has a small set-up in California so if you need to return something you can mail it to her California office rather than back to China which is such a plus and a reason I choose to buy from her. She has every style of bag, many of which are not listed on her ioffer page so just ask her in the comment section about any bags not shown. I ordered this Mirror bag and it is not shown on her ioffer page so she is trusty worthy even without pictures.

Monday, January 3, 2011

LV Damier Azur Galliera PM and LV Monogram Galliera GM bag reviews by Alexis.

The following bags review is by the beautiful Alexis. Thank you for such great reviews. If anyone wants to know Alexis's seller information please submit a bag review. Thank you.

    I purchased these two Galliera Bags from Uptoyou*** on ioffer. One is a Monogram Galliera GM (Purchased a month ago) and the other is a Damier Azur Galliera PM (purchased 6 months ago). First of all I was very impressed with the oxidizing leather on these bags. The Azur PM has already started to oxidize and is darker than my GM. I took a picture of the handles so you can see the difference in color. The size dimensions on the bags was also correct as well as the inside (pockets, key ring, snap, beige color, suede texture, all correct). Another great thing about the bags are that they "slouch" when worn like the original. The only flaw with both bags are the placement of the monogram canvas. The GM has the LV logos placed wrongly in comparison to the original and on the Azur PM there are supposed to be 4 squares in the front and as you can see mine has 5 squares. Other than those meticulous flaws the bags are perfect and I love them. I receive many compliments and people mistake them for the real thing. Personally I do not care for the Neverfull bags from this seller. I ordered one along with my Galliera GM and it was not the best quality. I only buy Gallieras from this seller and haven't ventured into any other styles. She is trust worthy since I returned the Neverfull (Damier Ebene GM) and she refunded my money.

LV Damier Tervi PM Bag Review by Vivian

Happy New Year everyone. I hope everyone is doing great. Sorry for the people who wrote me e-mails on bag reviews. I didn't get a change to look at my e-mail until recently. Without further ado, the following bag review is by the lovely Vivian. Thank you for sharing with everyone.

      I bought this bag in Hong Kong, near the Lu Wu station, for about 90 US dollars last summer. So far I carried it around with me everywhere and it’s still in very good shape, no rips, tears or any chips on the hardware. The canvas feels very sturdy and the lining is very soft. This bag would have been better if not for the stitching. On the handles, the stitches on one side are uneven, which is not very noticeable unless you look closely. Also, after I bought this, I compared it with the pictures from the LV online store and the stitches seemed to be a shade lighter than the authentic bag. But for the price, I’m quite happy!

Thank you so much and happy holidays!!