Monday, April 11, 2011

Authentic Fendi Magic Bag Review by AR.

The following bag review is by the great AR. Thank you for sharing with everyone.

I recently borrowed this bag from a friend who received it from her mother.  My friend told me her mom purchased it at Bloomingdales in NYC about 5 years ago, or more.

I have included detailed photos of the front, back, inside, screws, and authenticity card.  The bag only has 1 handle.  The screw on the front and back of the bag are round and have the FF symbol.  The screws in the inside of the bag are plain and flat.  I tried to be as detailed as possible with these photos to help anyone else purchasing a Fendi Bag.  Please let me know if you need more photos or if something does not look right.  It was hard for me to get an inside bag shot since it has a tight drawstring on the inside that needs to be pulled (as in 1 photo).  The interior is cotton and has the words "FENDI"' printed on it ...I was unable to get a clear shot of this (even w flash) bc its just too dark and wasn't able to stretch out the bag that much.



  1. Even though i'm not to crazy about Fendi I must say this is a lovely bag.

  2. Hi!

    I'm really happy I stumbled upon this blog! I really want to buy a high quality rep 2.55 Chanel bag and the LV Manhattan and Neverfull but I'm so weary of the dodgy sellers I don't really know where to look! A couple of years ago I bought the large 2.55 bag from a site called sixstar but once I received the bag it was completely different from the pictures on the website! I've heard of some really good reputable ioffer sellers like fangfang and joy but I can't seem to find them anywhere!
    Is it possible for someone here to help me? I've seen the pictures of some of the rep bag reviews here and I'm amazed! They look so authentic!

    Any advice will be so helpful!

    Thanks :)

  3. Hi Daisy, just give me a bag review according to the rules and regulation and I will be happy to give you any seller information you want.

  4. Hi Daisy,

    E-mail me for the info, happy to help.

  5. Hi Lucinda,

    If you would be kind enough to e-mail me the info too..

    Thanks in advance :)