Monday, May 2, 2011

Balenciaga Clutches Bag Review by MK

Hi everyone and welcome. I also want to annouce that once I have more readers on my blog I would be creating a forum so everyone could share and I will not ask anyone to donate or ask for any form of membership fees. All I ask from my readers is to contribute to the blog, so we could help each other in finding the best reps. Without fathur ado here is a new bag review. I took some pictures of my Balenciaga envelope clutches. These are 2 same bags but from different sellers.
Today's bag review is by MK. Thank you to the lovely MK for her very detail comparison of the two Balenciaga Clutches and taking the time to share with everyone.

The green (Palmgreen GGH) is from B&S
It is IT Lambskin and was about $200.  Very nice quality, craftmanship and details. Leather smells and feels nice and soft (I love it)
I would grade it a 9/10. Leather should be little less shiny and little more chewy.

The purple GSH is from Oobags.
It is also IT Lambskin, it was around $100. This bag is more sloppy, the leather does not look as nice as B&S and feels more dry and rough.
I would grade it a 5/10. Lacks the quality feeling and leather is not right. The ring inside bag for mirror is also missing.

First pictures are of the dustbags, the one on right is B&S, left is Oobags.


  1. Hi Everybody

    I have just stumbled across your blog and an very happy to have found a group of like minded women, willing to share their honest opinions about the rep bags that they have bought. I have purchased from 4 sites so far, one very good, one not bad, one so so, and one not very good. Once your forum is up and running, I will be more than happy to share my experiences.

  2. Hello !!!
    I`m learning a lot here, your blog is helping me a lot ! I` m new in reps, bought some bags from ioffer and other sites. I received my first T&D last week and I`m in love... I didn`t comment a lot because english is not my first language as you can see...
    Love the clutches` colors !

    1. Your English is great! By the name I take your are Brazilian, correct?!

  3. Hi there, i just want to say that i enjoy reading your blog. i used to be a member on repchat, up until last week- I got "kicked out" because i had made a comment about how repchat, particularly, "Ladyred", charging membership fees. which is soooooooooooooooo ridiculous. I think that they kicked me out because they got intimidated that my comments would make the other users see why there are membership fees. I had stated on that forum that in my opinion i thought that the membership fee is stupid because when myself and the many people on there, signed up, the rules and guidelines did NOT indicate that there was a membership fee EVER. i had also said on the forum that how would members of repchat know if the money from membership fees is actually going towards maintenance of the website and not for personal use(eg. ladyred or the other "mods, admins" buying more reps). They are charging $10 per member/annually. There are over 200 members on repchat. when you crunch the numbers in your head, it all seems way to suspicious. I smell a scam!!

    Thanks again craftress!


    anonymous( AKA: csquared on repchat)

  4. Both color look so good. I would like to buy one of them for my beloved wife. So lovely to see this, keep on posting here.

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  5. Rep CHat is a huge SCAM ladies!
    I was a member of repchat too Mellisa aka LAdy Red(admin of is a compulsive liar.
    I bought one time bag from her where she listed as NEW UNUSED and the one I got was used and had broken zipper I emailed her about the problem and she didnt even try to help me out with it.Also Beware because she sells her fake bags( mostly louis vuitton )on ebay as a real thing. Her ebay username is spiderpig07 i think. Google it and see yourself.
    And yes. Repchat is now a paid forum!Its close to 12 dollars for their membership.

  6. I saw a lot of ioffer bags being sold by someone claiming to be the admin of repchat. BEWARE!!!! Selling rep as the real thing? OMG!!!!!

  7. I have bought from both B&S and NBF, and another seller on iOffer. And I have to say that I like the leather on NBF most. I think the leather type is different. I bought a first bag on B&S, the price is way higher. But as I compare it with the bag I bought from another seller in iOffer with $100 cheaper. The leather types are almost the same. Soft, shiny, & the tassels is different form the authentic bales. Then I try to buy from NBF, & the leather is gorgeous, smooshy & slouches, light just like the authentic one. Recently I ordered a bag from B&S, it's been 1 and 1/2 months & not yet done. B&S has been so difficult to be contacted, which drives me crazy at times.

  8. Love the concept of this site, and that you're dedicated to preserving the contacts, and sharing knowledge among serious shoppers.

    As somebody just venturing into this possibility, the negative and dissuading reviews of multiple merchants out there outnumber the positive. This forum is fantastic, but seems for the more seasoned shoppers. Wonder if there is an opportunity to acquire some guidance on navigating these and staying clear from the scam artists. The sites I thought seemed to cover the bases (security logos etc) have accompanying bad reviews (I can't believe what people do, like: don't send the merchandise, etc. - just awful). I've seen Jacky's name referenced, but no indication it exists. I think I'll keep researching blogs to see if there is any willingness to guide newbies like myself into a set of preferred merchants, leveraging their past experiences. Thanks again ... I'll keep checking in occasionally..

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  11. omg! i bought a bag from OoBags and seriously had to return it. the quality was SOOO poor! don't buy from them ladies!!!

  12. Hi, could someone please give me jackys website? my email is Thanks for the blog! I bought some jewellry from PV because eva knox recommened it, turned out crap!!! its a scam

  13. can someone please give me the link to B&S? I am new to the replica site world, and i am desperately trying to buy a balenciaga, the clutch pictured above looks real enough for me! any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!!