Monday, January 3, 2011

LV Damier Tervi PM Bag Review by Vivian

Happy New Year everyone. I hope everyone is doing great. Sorry for the people who wrote me e-mails on bag reviews. I didn't get a change to look at my e-mail until recently. Without further ado, the following bag review is by the lovely Vivian. Thank you for sharing with everyone.

      I bought this bag in Hong Kong, near the Lu Wu station, for about 90 US dollars last summer. So far I carried it around with me everywhere and it’s still in very good shape, no rips, tears or any chips on the hardware. The canvas feels very sturdy and the lining is very soft. This bag would have been better if not for the stitching. On the handles, the stitches on one side are uneven, which is not very noticeable unless you look closely. Also, after I bought this, I compared it with the pictures from the LV online store and the stitches seemed to be a shade lighter than the authentic bag. But for the price, I’m quite happy!

Thank you so much and happy holidays!!



  1. The bag looks very convincing Vivian. I've always adored the Damier Trevi but I have an issue with the color like you mentioned. The Auth ones have a darker shade and the Reps have a slight light shade. Does anyone know of anyone who produces a nice Damier?

  2. I'm also a fan of Damier, especially Trevi and Berkeley. Last time I asked Joy about these items. She said that the recent batch of her damier items may have darker lining than everyone preferred. Factory insisted they changed to the latest color the newest authentic version carry (is that true?) and many of her clients dislike it. I also would like to know where to get nice Damier