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Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Stephen bag review by Maria

The following bag review is the LV Monogram Canvas Stephen bag by Maria. Thank you for sharing.

I will be reviewing from Joy. I ordered the LV monogram canvas Stephen bag. I took lots of pictures and I will be sending them to you. I have to send the rest in different emails. So they will follow this email.

As you can see, this bag is fabulous. I think it looks exactly like an authentic one. It feels and smells like one, too! I ordered it a couple of months ago, but really just started using it a couple of weeks ago. I feel I haven't used the bag enough yet for the handles to start to change color but they aren't as light as when I first received it. The leather on the handles are excellent. The stitching looks very strong. And the color on the bag is spot on. The inside is exactly how it's supposed to be. And you couldn't beat the price. $148 for the bag and small shipping fee. And received it in 5 days / can't beat that, right. And everyone knows how awesome the customer service with Joy. I must have emailed her at least 10 times before I made my decision to order. I was very honest with them and told them I was narrowing down my pick between several different sites. Joy emailed me and answered each and every question so quickly. I never heard from any other site. And after I received my purchases, I still had questions and she still responded very promptly. I feel as though she is my friend now. 


  1. your bag is gorgeous Maria! I couldn't decide between this bag or the sofia coppola, so i got a multicolor speedy 30 in black. joy is so sweet she's always very honest, she even told me not to go with a bag that i really wanted, she said that it really wasn't a very good rep.

  2. Not to burst your bubble, but this has got to be one of the WORST "good" replicas I have ever seen. You claim it looks exactly like the authentic, but ANYONE who knows what the authentic bag looks like will be able to tell immediately that yours is a fake. A real LV (or a good rep, even) will not have wrinkles and creases in the leather. I'm looking at your pics, and this is especially noticable on the rolled handles. They are very creased and "bunched up" looking, and it just looks outright sloppy. I don't mean to offend, but your bag is definately NOT worth what you paid for it...

  3. Well,

    I think this bag looks Gorge. I'm not really a fan of monograms, but this bag is so delicately gorgeous.

  4. Why would you think you have that much power in yourself to "burst my bubble"?! I wouldnt let your amateur opinion effect me in any way! I do not agree with you about wrinkles in the leather handles. I have an authentic monogram speedy and that does happen to the real leather. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Thank you to Victoria and Twink - obviously, you both have excellent taste and know a good rep when you see it - this bag is fabulous - so much better in person!

  5. I've been eyeing this bag but I got another one instead from Joy. Will upload pics (as soon as I figure out how:)

  6. Hi there,

    I was wondering if someone could possibly email me the sites of Jacky, Catty and Joy? I have been looking around some rep sites. And came across poshmoda, replicavalley and pursevalley. Was doing some more research before i do a purchase :) Thanks!

  7. Hi,
    I would like to send you a review for 2 or 3 bags I bought but can't see your mail adress...Please write me, here's my mail: cfabienne@gmail.com

  8. Maria...

    Hahaha...amateur opinion? Babe...I own over 300 authentic handbags. Sorry, but I KNOW what I'm talking about! If you don't want to believe me, please check out my collection on the purse forum! I have pictures of EVERY single one of my bags posted! :)

    As I stated, REAL Louis Vuitton bags (or even good replicas, nonetheless) do not get wrinkled like yours is. It's a dead giveaway that your bag is a (horrible) fake. You claim you own an authentic monogram Speedy, but you obviously don't. If you did, you would realize that the leather would NEVER DO THIS on an authentic bag. NEVER!!! Or a good replica. They do make good replicas that do not wrinkle or bunch up. As I said, I own many authentic bags, including several LV Speedys (Monogram, Mongram Multicolore, Stephen Sprouse Graffiti, Damier Canvas, Damier Azur). If your "authentic" bag wrinkles, you might want to contact whomever you purchased it from, because it is most definately NOT AUTHENTIC. If you would like to send me your email, I would be happy to provide you with pictures of how the leather on AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON bags is SUPPOSED to look! :)

    I'm not trying to be rude in any way, but I just feel bad for you that you wasted good money on such a horrible quality replica! Don't get me wrong...I started out with replicas before I realized just how wrong and inhumane they really are (not to mention illegal!), and since then it's been nothing but authentic bags for me! Replica bags still intrigue me, though, and I often browse replica bag sites just to see how they compare to the originals...

    Trust me, even though I don't agree with them at all, there ARE some decent replicas out there... Some that can fool even the most trained eye... Unfortunately, yours is not one of them...


    1. Girl, just look at those snookie ass jersey shore nails with 14 inch white tips.. She has no idea what's going on. Your reply is spot. On.

  9. Hey hun (Maria), I think you've got a nice replica there. Don't let OTHERS (ahem) let your guard down. I own Authentic items and replicas as well and once in a while they will tend to crease or wrinkle. It depends on your usage.

    Not many of us have the money to afford the AUTH ones Anonymous. And yes it may be illegal to buy/sell them, but it's for personal use, it's not like we killed an animal or human being. It's more like the real designers are the ones are inhumane, 'cmon, lambskin, sheepskin, croc, basically any type of creature out there has been made into a handbag or for clothing.

    Anyway, I'm all for the whole replica thing, but if you have the money, go for the gold! Don't forget to save some money for retirement or else you'll end up selling your bags to get the money for it. :)

    Happy shopping ladies.


    1. Cuz u a broke ass bitch bitch bitch bitch

  10. "Hi there,

    I was wondering if someone could possibly email me the sites of Jacky, Catty and Joy? I have been looking around some rep sites. And came across poshmoda, replicavalley and pursevalley. Was doing some more research before i do a purchase :) Thanks! "

    The only way you could get these sellers information is to do a bag review. Please follow the rules and regulations posted on my blog. http://repbagschat.blogspot.com/2010/11/how-to-get-jacky-catty-and-other.html

  11. i have an authentic vuitton stephen monogram and i used to own a rep from DAvid. ur bag is a very good rep, especially the lining and the tag. the only "flaw" is the handles are a little shorter than the real :) which i dont really care. the bad reps i have seen for this style has horrible handles/lining and font. ur bag is beautiful.

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  13. Lai...

    I really wasn't trying to be rude, and I hope no one takes it that
    way... It is a nice bag in general, but if I received a bag like that
    in the mail, I would be VERY disappointed in the leather, and would
    most definately ask for a refund. I even own authentic vintage Louis Vuitton
    bags that were worn very hard, and even THEY don't have wrinkling like
    that in the leather. Some creasing is normal, but being all bunched
    up like that is not.

    Don't forget, I too used to purchase replicas, and did own some very
    high quality replicas that never had this problem.

    I gave up the replicas when I realized just how horrible they really
    are. Typically, most people wouldn't think twice about buying a fake
    bag, but I read a good book about luxury brands and did
    alot of research and was absolutely horrified with what I found
    out... LAI, you're coming down on designers for using animal skins
    and leather, but do you realize replica companies do as well? Almost
    all good replica sites pride themself in the fact that
    their bags are made out of real lambskin, calfskin, and leather, to name a
    few. Also, in case you didn't know, replica bags help fund illegal
    acts such as terrorism, organized crime, and the underground drug
    trade, and the majority of them are also made by little kids in sweat
    shops. Not to mention that replicas are also "stealing" from the
    original brand.

    And I also want to let you know it IS, in fact, illegal to purchase
    these bags, though I'm sure most people don't know that. I did read a
    newspaper article of a man and woman who were pulled over for a
    traffic citation, and ended up being JAILED because they had around 20
    knock-off bags that they had purchased on Canal Street, in NYC in
    their car. There are also some countries in which you can be FINED for
    carrying a fake bag... These cases are very EXTREME and rare, but
    they DO happen!

    (..............CONTINUED BELOW................)


    I'm not going to elaborate any further on this issue, because
    obviously this IS a site promoting replicas, I am VERY shocked at
    people's ignorance, though. I'm honestly not here to
    upset people, but I DO find replicas very intriguing and am very
    curious to the reason of why people carry them. I know for a fact
    that alot of people buy replicas because they think the real thing is
    too expensive and unattainable, but when (good) replicas range in
    price anywhere from $100-$450, I really CAN'T understand why someone
    would rather buy a replica when they can get an AUTHENTIC bag for this
    same price...if not LESS!!! Coach and Dooney are relatively cheap (if
    you go on eBay they're practically GIVING them away!), and you can
    even get brands like LV and Gucci at great prices if you put some time
    into it and look! I even bought a brand new $1795 Chloe Bay bag on
    eBay for $102. I got it so cheap because there was slight markings on
    the leather, hardly even noticable! I got a Coach bag with tags still
    attached at a Salvation Army for only $8. Anddd I bought a lot of 6
    vintage authentic bags from a very clueless eBay seller for only
    $140. This lot included LV, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, SAS, and Coach.
    Seriously WHERE can you even find replica bags at prices that
    cheap??? I resold them all and made a ton of money (to buy more bags,
    of course!).

    I know that many people prefer the style of pricier bags such as LV,
    Chanel, Mulberry...etc, rather than brands like Coach and Dooney, and
    that is their reason for buying replica, but why??? Why buy replicas
    when you can buy these exact styles legally (and much cheaper!)? I
    found an AMAZING site, baginc.com that sells genuine leather bags in
    styles almost EXACT to Chanel, Mulberry, LV, Proenza Schoeler...etc,
    but without being knock offs. These bags are extremely well made and
    are soooo reasonably priced. Why not buy one of these instead?

    Sorry this comment is so long, but as I said, replicas very much
    intrigue me. I do alot of research on them and read alot of blogs
    about them often (I think this blog is great and very informative,
    btw). I'd REALLY like to know what your views are on them, and what
    your reasons are for buying them. I'm really trying to understand it,
    but I can't. Back when I bought replicas, it was pure ignorance on my
    part. I didn't know what designers were, or even what the logo on the
    bag stood for. All I knew was Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson
    carried bags with colorful "LV's" on them, so they MUST be cool! When
    I bought cheap fakes off the back of a truck, I simply thought I was
    lucky to find such a rare deal, and thought they were REAL bags that
    were stolen or something...lol. Now I obviously know better and am
    obsessed with good quality bags.

    So please, feel free to comment back. I'd really like to hear your
    views of why you choose replica bags over designer. Price is pretty
    much the only thing I can think of, but as I said, in many cases,
    replicas are THE SAME price, if not MORE than their designer
    counterparts! For some people it's probably a "status" thing and they
    want to look like they have the real thing, but what's the point?
    People who actually know a thing or two about bags can tell that it's
    fake, so you're really not "fooling" anyone but yourself... And
    wouldn't you feel so much better inside, knowing you are carrying a
    high-quality, authentic bag that will last you years and years to
    come? Hmmmm?

    Sent from my iPhone

  15. To the coment above. I know you mean well, but this is not the site to lecture us about buying reps. I did explain that on the side bar. If you have a problem please create your own blog and ask the people on your own blog. I think it is very rude for you to force your own opinions and ideas about reps. We all have our reasons on buying reps, and if you need answers to your question find it elsewhere. This blog is about finding great reps and educating people on buying reps, it is not to lecture us. Furthermore, not everyone is as lucky as you who find authentic bags at such a cheap prices. If you feel so strongly about buying only authentic, why don't you start a blog teaching people where to buy cheap authentic bags. I am sure people would love to read it.

  16. Anonymous - find somewhere where they will take you more seriously instead of trolling here. TPF surely have a thread on this.
    By the way, how can you recommend designer inspired? to take your line your line of thinking, that's just a corporate way of ripping off designers intelletual capital to make a buck on the high street behind the facade of 'celebrity looks for less' - they are still rip-offs from a designer's perspective - so therefore, why not reps -- its just another part of the bag crazy foodchain - whether you have 300 or 30, horses for courses.

  17. Craftress...

    I actually DO have my own blog and am a long-term member of the purse forum and post often there, but if you read my comment at all, you would realize that I did give your blog props and I AM intrigued by replica bags.

    But after reading your entire blog, and seeing the horrifying pictures above, I just really DON'T understand why people choose to carry really BAD replicas when there are so many more cheaper, BETTER QUALITY, and more humane options out there.

    You state that this blog is about finding great reps and educating people on buying reps, and I feel that is what I'm doing...EDUCATING. I normally never post on random blogs, but being a handbag enthusiast, I truly felt bad for whoever wasted their money on that bag above, and was just lending some friendly knowledge on this subject because I've been there before, and know how frustrating buying bags can be. I've learned my lesson and wanted to share what I found out.

    I just really don't understand why people waste their money on such replicas,though, when there are so many better replicas and options out there
    Since you seem to be somewhat of an expert on this topic, why don't you

  18. Again, to the coment posted above. If you have your own blog, I suggest you write about it on your own blog. You are not educating anyone by convincing people to buy authentic instead of reps. Not everyone would like to buy a used LV for 500 dollars or any designer bags used. Maybe there is a certain style of designer bag that is so hard to buy authentic instead they turn to reps. I rather not waste my money on a $1000 bag and use it for rent or car payment. As for the reps above, you might not like it and think it's a bad rep, but other people may think this is a great looking bag. Not everyone share the same feelings as you. Not every pics on this blog will satisfied everyone's expectations. You are going to see bad rep pics from time to time and that is how we educated people. Learn from our mistakes. I am not an expert, I am learning just like everyone here on this blog. I just provide a place where everyone could share and learn. I kindly ask you not to post anymore of your beliefs about buying authentics instead of reps. There is a place for that and it's not here.

  19. Craftress...

    I most certainly am NOT trying to convince people to buy authentic over reps... If you feel good about yourself carrying a fake bag, most likely made from a 5 year old in a sweatshop, more power to you! That's your call. I just do not understand the mentality behind it. That's why this topic intrigues me so much. And don't get me wrong, I really do appreciate you allowing me to post my questions here, though most of you might not fully agree with what I'm saying...

    It just really bothers me to see people get ripped off in terms of quality, because I've been there before. Prior to switching to authentics, I was the queen of fakes, having tons and tons of bags, which I'm now upset I wasted so much money on. Now I'm stuck with all these fake bags I don't use, because they have NO resale value, not to mention I could get in trouble for selling them.

    You did make a very good point when you said that for some people, they may choose to buy a rep if a bag is hard to buy, or made in limited quantities. That makes sense if you really like a bag, but for me I think it would be sooo much more exciting to hunt the original down and actually own an exclusive piece that not everyone has. Again, I'm a handbag enthusiast, so obviously are views and priorities are different.

    What bothers me the most is that most good reps are fairly expensive and most people are too ignorant to realize that they're over-paying when they purchase them. Most people think designer bags are too expensive and unattainable and that isn't always the case. I just don't understand why, to some, it is more important to have a logo and name all over a bag, than to have a bag of good quality, make, and craftmanship. I understand some people really love a certain style of bag, but why not just buy a similar style, then? Why does it HAVE to be a complete replica of the real thing along w serial number/tags/cards/etc...? Why does one crave that false sense of status, prestige, and whatever else carrying a replica brings them?

    I'm just trying to get a better understanding of this all because I am totally lost. I figured I could come here to ask about it because your site seems very unbiased. You even STATE that readers can send you bag reviews of not only reps, but AUTHENTIC bags as well, so I figured that I would be able to share my thoughts regarding reps vs authentics. I'm sorry if I offended anyone. If reps are your thing, that's your choice... But I'm just trying to better understand this, and who better to ask than people who LOVE rep bags???

    Thanks for your time.

  20. Like I mentioned before, you should ask these questions on your own blog? If you don't understand why people purchases reps where there are better alternatives, ask that on your own blog. This is not the site to ask these questions. I have no problem you telling people if they have a great rep or not. This is an unbais blog, but I do have a problem with you lecturing people about their morals when it comes to buying a rep made by a 5 year old or the reps we buy fund terrorist, gangs, etc, etc. You already pointed that out on your last two posts to make people feel guilty. If that is not your intention, than why mention it more than two times. We heard you the first time. Why repeat yourself again and again? This is not blog for lecturing or demeaning people. To be honest with you, you should't believe everything you read and there are always people who twist and turn everything around. I do not believe everything the gov't tells me or the news I watch is 100% truthful. As far as authentic bags aren't made in sweatshop, if that was the case, why don't you take a good look at an authentic coach bag? Where is it made? CHINA. Before you start sounding so intelligent what makes you think there are no sweatshops in Italy or USA? I know there are sweatshops in USA. I have seen it with my own eyes. I highly doubt a child could make good reps. It takes years of skill to create every bag exactly the same with great detail. Just like a shoemaker. Not everyone could be a shoemaker overnight. It takes years of training and from what I read the people who do these reps are retired or converted from the high fashion industry to places like China where they are paid more. I could be wrong. Nevertheless, I already asked you nicely to not force your beliefs and ideas upon myself or my readers. Please do it on your own blog.

  21. What a mouthful! I kind of just skimmed through what Anon. pretty much said.

    From now on, I'll keep my mouth shut. I'll just comment on how 'pretty' these bags you all post here. I do however have to agree w/ Craftress, go and debate about your opinion on bad replicas on your own page Anonymous. END.

  22. Lai, Please don't stop commenting. I encourage everyone to speak their mind. It's just that the person who wrote about reps vs authentic and her dislike about reps should be discuss elsewhere. This blog is for sharing ideas about reps. Not discouraging people from buying reps. That's why I ask the person to write about her dislike elsewhere. So please speak your mind freely.

  23. Wow - all this cause she didn't like my bag! I would like to thank everyone for your kind words - you girls are so sweet! And as for Ms. Anonymous - Relax - It's just a bag - one that, as you can read from the comments above, many people seem to like. You definitely belong on TPF. They are always writing how they're mortified about people buying reps.!!!! I got news for you, in the real world, more people are mortified about the ridiculous amounts of money that some people spend on a bag!!!!

  24. Hey girls...as long as the bag makes YOU happy, that's the most important thing right? BTW, Craftress, I emailed you of my review of the bag I got from Joy last November. Hope you got it.

  25. Wow! How did all that happen??:) To what anonymous said...bags that cheap on ebay are most likely fake! They claim to sell authentic but they're not. Not for that price come on! And why was she asking for opinions of why we buy fake bags when she has 300 of them! Plus not to mention all the talk about how illegal it is and child labour when again she purchased 300 fake bags! What suddenly changed her opinion other then being able to afford the real thing? Did she marry a rich guy? just kidding that was probably mean.
    By the way i think we should all appreciate comments here about the quality of review bags and not get offended so quickly when someone doesn't like the bag.
    But craftress was right, the lecturing (or not lecturing) is killing my replica buzz!!;)

  26. Lu said,
    FYI, to miss know it all Anonymous,..the legality of buying reps depends on the country,..in France you can't sell or wear a rep bag, in the US it's illegal to sell but not to buy,..so when I visit France I'll leave my reps at home!LOL! and Maria your bag looks great,..the wrinkles will disappear in time,..I had a few real LV bags and yours looks as nice,..Miss know it all must work for a authentic buyer and is trying to fish out the rep websites.

  27. Just thought I'd mention about the leather wrinkling....

    Leather is leather. And just because Louis Vuitton is a big brand, doesn't mean they can keep an LV bag from wear & wrinkle. Shockingly enough, LV isn't all high & mighty & amazing as some people make it out to be... haha. ;)

    Maria, I absolutely LOVE the bag. Your bag makes me very excited to purchase from Joy! And I LOVE this blog! I always come here wanting to see reviews of replicas. :)

    And for little miss Anonymous...

    I personally would buy a replica simply because LV is completely overpriced. It's leather and canvas, and there's TONS of bags out there for cheaper made of the same exact materials. LV is one of the brands where all you are paying for is simply the brand. Why I would purchase an LV replica would simply be because I love the structure and style of the bag, and I cannot find styles similar in structure & style.

  28. If everyone would read the book Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster, then you will see that buy replicas are smart and really at the end of the day all you are every doing is PAYING FOR THE NAME.
    I realize that everybody has an opinion and that's the problem...talking without thinking...Hey I have bought both replica and authentic and really for a few things they really aren’t even that obvious, you probably can get away with a replica easily especially if you live in a small town like myself.
    My secret weapon: A good shoe/handbag repair guy/gal who doesn't care if it’s real and fix the handbag good as new. The only thing is that they couldn't fix the pattern of the material in which the handbag comes in.
    I think that the bag looks good and I would think it was real....