Monday, March 7, 2011

LV Monogram Vernis, color Sunset Boulevard by WL

There is one announcement, Jacky just recently chance his website. If anyone needs his new site please submit a bag review according to the rules and regulations I posted on my blog.
The following bag review is by the lovely WL. Thank you for sharing with us.
I have attached some photos of a replica LV Monogram Vernis, color Sunset Boulevard. 

I bought this bag from southern China a while back. The leather and color is very good, one can't actually tell is fake unless under bright sun light, because I went to the LV shop to have a look and the authentic one is actually darker in color. 

I have used this bag few times, all the stitches are still very strong and you can see that the thread used is good quality and the stitches are strong. Not like other bags, I have one authentic coach bag, and even the stitches on the handle came out after few usage.

Thank you. 


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  2. Hi. alisha sorry I have to remove your comment because you posted a replica website. I already stated that on my blog the reasons why I do this. If you want to mention the websites please use the seller's first name or hide the website's name using ****. Thank you. If there are some questions you need answer about finding a good replica site please read the posts on my blog. It should give you all the answers you need. It takes some research and time to find a great replica bag.

  3. That is a a GORGEOUS replica!! I am so envious of the girl who has it because I've been looking for a sunset blvd like this for ages!!

    This gives me hope that I'll find a great vernis sunset blvd replica though!! If that one looks that awesome, there must be others!! :)

  4. you are totally right about the authentic designer bags that they charge tons of money of it just bcos of the name...where are you canada or US???

  5. This is truly a beautiful replica

    I have bought 6 from ioffer each one worse than the last one - they show you a different photo and sned you a different picture!
    some have the badge too high up on the front flap, some have the strap all made of vernis - and its supposed to have cowhide underneath...i would give my right arm to know where to get this bag from SOS