Monday, March 28, 2011

LV Tivoli PM Bag Review by Kiki

The following bag review is by the lovely Kiki. Thank you for sharing with everyone.

A little bit about me:   I've been buying replica LV off of ioffer for the past year, and its the best decision I've ever made!!  I have beautiful bags now for a fraction of the real price, with only small defects, so in my mind its like I bought them at the great LV outlet... in China, lol.  
 So here is my review on my Tivoli PM.  I bought it from PinkCherry on ioffer about a year ago.   I think I got it in June 2010, used it for about 4-5 months, and its been stored in its dustbag all winter.  It has some slight imperfections... the handle is a bit too small and not as round as the real one.  I'm sure there are other tiny things but in the grand scheme of having a handbag that I ADORE but cannot afford...its perfect the way it is.  :)  The stitching is pretty good on this one, the leather has not patina-ed much at all, but I prefer it lighter anyway. Also I did spray it with Kiwi Leather protector to keep it from spotting in the rain and I think this slowed the patina process.  (btw, spraying it with the leather protector DOES work... I've been in caught in a downpour with this bag, not a spot to be seen afterwards!)    The reps I've bought over the last year have all held up really well.... and I really don't baby my bags so I have to imagine its because they are well made!  I love all my replica bags....  I can get the exact bag I want (even the LE ones!!) for a fraaaaaction of the price.
Btw, I love your blog. I suprised I didn't find it back when I started looking around for good rep sites.  I love that there is an alternative to TPF for girls who love replica handbags and can show off their purchases, talk about the sellers they love, and enjoy their beautiful handbags! :)

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  1. hi there,
    thank you for sharing ur knowledge about fake bags:)..
    I nearly buy from pursevalley because of eva knox's blog..but thanks I read ur blog before I do..
    Have u ever purchase from handbag 20?
    I want to buy chanel and LV bag,which place is the best?
    its seems that Jacky and cherry from ioffer is quite good according to your opinion,do u recommend me buy from them for chanel /LV?how can i buy from them?
    thank you so much..
    pls email me back at in case I lost this link to your blog!
    have a nice day!thanks