Monday, March 21, 2011

Authentic LV Speedy 25 by Ayse

Hi everyone, the following bag review is by Ayse. Thank you for sharing with your purchase. 

I have bought a couple of authentic bags only to understand that they just do not worth the money. As you have very well said in your blog, it doesn't make sense to pay that much for them when they get it done in a third world country for $10. So now I need a couple bags and I am looking for a reliable seller of rep bags, that's how I came up with your blog. I would appreciate if you could forward me the info of those sellers you mention in Ioffer. I don't have much of a story for this my first auth. Speedy LV bag. It cost me more than $700. I bought
it from the LV store in Houston-Galleria. It is definitely very good quality, the leather and the stiching, but honestly after paying that much it better be good quality right? I couldnt take pics of inside but the inside is a little too plain actually, has a very small pocket inside (can hardly fit anything). It would be nice if they put a few more pockets and details inside. If I see a good quality Rep LV bag I wouldn't know the difference. But I guess some people do. While I was waiting at a counter in a coffee shop in San Diego, this lady commented on it saying "one hardly ever sees the real ones knowa days, that mine is very nice". But again for me I wouldnt know the difference if I saw a good quality rep. Here are pics of it.



  1. Gorgeous! Please don't waste your money on reps! I had the same idea as you awhile back, and even tried quite a few of the "better" rep sites and ioffer sites, as mentioned, buying around 8 different rep bags. Trust me, once you are familiar with the quality and workmanship of the real thing, you will NEVER be satisfied with any of the reps. I'll agree, most of the reps look AMAZING on the websites, but when they arrive, they just aren't worth the money. The LV reps are basically the only reps out there that use real leather. All of the other brands (i.e. Chanel, Gucci, Chloe...etc) claim they use real lambskin, leather, calfskin...etc, but that couldn't be further from the truth! It even LOOKS like leather on the websites, but unfortunately it's low-quality PLEATHER! The replica LVs are among the best quality, but while stitching IS precise and intact, it is not durable. I had an Artsy from Joy where the strap just fell completely off after 2 uses!!! The leather also wrinkles and creases, and patinas sort of with a pinkish tint.

    Just trying to save you money, dear... Since you are familiar with real LV, you will be able to tell in an instant just how cheaply made these bags are...and also how NOT worth the price they are (alot of sites sell their reps in the $250-$500 price range!).

  2. Miss Anonymous, I found a great site that sells incredible Chanel bags with real leather, I have a real one and can't tell the difference, so the key is research, lots of research!

  3. i say, just keep buying the real thing. but i understand why people mix them in (like buying real and replicas). some people think a artsy is cute,but not $1000+ cute so they buy replicas. honestly i would just save up for real LV. you will feel sooooo much better knowing that you have the real deal on your arm.

  4. I am sorry but to save up money to buy a real LV? Please just save up money to feed Africa or Cambodia.

    Thank you.

  5. save up money to feed africa? no, save up money to take care of myself first.

    your welcome.

    1. sure, we all know that without an authentic LV bag you are doomed to die a slow horrible death, much, much worse than starvation!!!!

      Idiot, and you are even more welcome, someone needed to tell you

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