Monday, February 7, 2011

LV Monogram Boetie PM bag review by Wendy

Hi everyone, and Happy Chinese New Year for those who are celebrating this pass weekend. Hope everyone's doing ok. This is the year of the rabbit and hope everyone has a hopping New Year. May everyone enjoy good health and good fortune! May you love somebunny and somebunny loves you back! Sorry cannot help myself. Hehe. The following bag review is by the lovely Wendy again. Thank you very much.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Boetie PM
The leather is very good but the beige part of the bag needs to change color to a bit darker beige. But in time the color will change. The logo lines up perfectly. There is no serial or LV logo tag inside. I purchased this bag from Posh***.com


  1. Hi, I will soon be buying a balenciaga from NBF so I can make a review when I get it!
    Do you have any review on their black city with RH? And do you have one about the beige/creme miu miu bow satchel?

  2. Soraya, there were a few used nbf bags on ioffer, i purchased a used twiggy and it looks brand new plus no long wait time from nbf.

  3. Lu said,

    Great bag. I've ordered from Posh*** also and I am very happy with there quality, I had my bag authenticated by a LV guru, who authenticates bags for a living and the only thing she could say was that the date code was in the wrong font,...who cares, who is going into my bag and measure the font and that on close up photos the rivets and brass hardware looked conterfeit, to me that's amazing to pay $100-200 rep bag versus thousands and the only differences are those.

  4. If you can't afford real designer hand bags . why not use the other good quality brands that not so Massimo Dutti or Karen millen etc. They are great style and good price.
    People who use FAKE designer handbag proundly ..might well just scream"LOOK at me I have low self esteem so I need the (FAKE)brandname bag to cover it" whereas people who can afford it are just like the quality and the craftmanship and can AFFORD it.The bag above ..just one look ..I can tell it is fake.The cow hide leather part is look too white and the hardwear, the brown leather, the thread count...Do not blame designer for the price ..Just accept that you just can't afford it and bitter.