Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gucci Double GG Twins Hobo Bag by Tess

The following bag review is by the lovely Tess. Thank you for sharing.

I've bought quite a number of replicas before and they all turn out disastrous!!!! And this purchase of Gucci Double G hobo bag took me lots and lots of courage (to buy!) and research to find the best seller with the best price. 

I got this bag from Catty, but i was skeptical at first, as all the reviews about her was on her majoring in LVs only, but oh boy! I was totally so in love with it the moment i opened the box!!!! 

Communication with seller - need to write in very common simple English and to be very very very precise and clear. Catty's not Joy.
Smell of leather - Genuine leather, not artificial plasticy smell
Stitching - Perfecto!
Flaws - NIL!!!
Colour - i would say nearly the same or on spot as the authentic one (i've seen it myself in Harvey Nichols UK), the canvas looks real close to the authentic ones (i can't put a 101% confirmation as im not an expert on Gucci, but to me, i would have mistaken it for the real thing).
Size- exactly on spot 30x30x12.
Dust bag - a friend of mine has the authentic dust bag, so she told me that the dust bag was kind of 'meh.... esp on the GUCCI wordings'. but i'm not too bothered coz i dont bring a dustbag to flaunt about!!! lol!!!

I won't elaborate more, but check out my pics and compare it to the real thing from the link below:

I would definitely buy from Catty again and again!!!! Thanks Catty for giving me the hope and courage to shop for replicas again!


  1. I compare yours pics to the real one and the real one has smooth leather while the rep. has a bit texture to the finish. Other than that it looks good

  2. hi TDK,
    the pics on the leather looks different from the authentic one is because i capture this in room, with dim lights and strong flash from my camera.
    i can't be expected to get superb, dSLR, marketing purposes pics (ie the one from gucci's site) and make the bag looks flawless,can i?
    i've captured my bag in normal sunlight (but with me posing it, so,i'm not exposing them) before and the leather looks just as fine as the real thing.
    but cheerio for ur comments!

  3. Lu said,

    This bag looks identical, it!

  4. Looking for lv neverfull mm damier.but i cant decide and dont know how.coupd email me the web or seller.Love your site。 being to ioffer.too many there.

  5. I'm, too, looking for the website of the seller. pls email me

  6. Hi! I'm an italian girl who wants to buy a replica and i'd like to know the website of this seller "Catty".
    Thank you very much and sorry for my poor english :P
    my email: g.sofia50 @
    Pleaseeee!! :D