Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chloe Paddington Bag Review By Tanesha

The following bag review is by the pretty Tanesha. Thank you for sharing.

here's a new chloe paddington bag i ordered from joy during the chinese new year. i was quite disappointed and the overwhelming smell of plastic is sickening. this is the comment i left her website.
 " just received my bag and i have to say that i am not completely satisfied with it. i ordered it during the Chinese new year so it took longer to process but onced it shipped it got here in 4 days. i love the leather because it is smooshy and thick just like the real one. and the bag is very heavy as described of the real one. but the padlock is a dead giveaway. the keyhole is supposed to have the rounder part facing up like in the picture(on her site) and mine is upside down. that is the number one easiest way to spot a fake. i know its a replica but thats a huge detail flaw. and for some reason my padlock has scratches on it and it is turning silver. its still a great bag over all but im kinda disappointed. maybe mine was just one of the bad apples in the bunch. i think ill just stick with LV from here."

everything from her site can't always be perfect and i know that, but i expected minor flaws, not glaring ones that you can see from a mile a way. but i love her LV bags so i will just continue to buy those from her.


  1. Hey Tanesha ... sorry abt the flaws in your purchase. I, too, was thinking abt getting a Chloe (Paraty and Marcie) from her but when I emailed her, she did mention that the hardware was not up to par and that this particular supplier was not one she was too pleased with. But I am soooooo in love with the Marcie on her website that I thought I'd go on and get it anyway .... what I wanted to ask you was: How is the leather compared to the authentic? From the website, it looks like the leather is a little too pebble-ish ... I don't know if thats just her photo & lighting. Chloe makes such luxurious leather that I'm scared her fake with be a dead giveaway =(

  2. hey!
    well honestly i've never seen an authentic chloe in real life. but i've been comparing pictures from the real ones on the purse forum to mines and it [looks] like mine might be too pebble-ish like you said but since i havent touched a real one i can't give you a set answer. if i were you i'd take joy's warning and probably not order it just yet. OR you can have her email you pictures of the one she would potentially send you and make your own judgment. good luck with everything!