Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LV Slighty Denim Grey Bag Review

    The follow bag review is for the LV  Monogram Slightly Denim in Grey #M95834. I brought this bag from Joy and I used this bag as an everyday bag. I like the fact that you could carry it on your shoulder and you don't have to hold it, which your hands could get tired easily. This denim bag goes well with jeans, casual dresses or any low key outfit. It's a grab and go bag. The strap is adjustable and it comes with two straps. I only used one. Inside the bag, there are two compartments for cellphone, keys, mirror compact or any other small item stuff. It's a great bag to have. However, there are a few flaws I have to point out. The first thing I notice was the tip of the zipper's end  was not glued properly. You could see two leather pieces slightly pulled apart, which I tried to fix by crazy gluing it. It did look better, but you could still see the two layers of leather, which looks a little uneven. I am not a picky person and I could live with that, but some people cannot. If anyone wants to buy this bag from Joy, please ask her to make sure the tip of the zipper's end is even and not sloppy or pulled apart. For me I could always tuck the zipper's end inside the bag and call it a day. The second thing I found wrong with this bag is I brought this bag in June and only used it a handful of times and the unthinkable happened. Please look at the photos I took, it will give you a better idea of what I am talking about. The small vintage bass pieces from the strap and the tip of the zipper's end, a total of three, fell off. I was bummed out. I e-mailed Joy and asked her to send me the bass pieces, so I could glue it back on. She apologized and told me it would be 10-15 days for me to get it, so in the meantime I have to use another bag for my everyday bag. (This is why I like buying from Joy, she always try to work things out with you and she was so quick with the response e-mail. Within 5 mins I sent out that e-mail about the bass pieces, she wrote me a response back.) My advice is to ask Joy to make sure the bass pieces are glued properly, before it's mail out or put extra glue on it, when you get the bag, so there are no accidents. If you still feel unsure about buying from Joy, there are other seller's like Jacky or Catty who also sell the same bag. I cannot comment on their quality, because I haven't made any bag purchases from them yet. Maybe in the future. I'll be doing more bag reviews in the future, so keep a lookout.
UPDATED: I e-mail Joy asking for the bass pieces and she was only able to mail me two out of the three pieces. Kind of annoying and irritating after one month has passed. Hopefully, she will get me the other piece next month.

The front of the bag.
The back of the bag.
Bottom of the bag.
The Zipper
The label.
Inside of the bag there are two compartments.

The strap on the left is the vintage bass piece that fell off.

The zipper end, where two bass pieces fell off.

The strap.

The buckle.

The back of the bag bass piece.

Inside of the bag.

The bottom of the bag is almost 17inches.

The length of the strap is around 22inches.

The strap attachment to the bag.

The other side of the strap attachment to the bag.

The back of the buckle.
This is the part where I was complaining, uneven and not glue right.

The measurement from bottom to top is around 10inches.
The serial number, which I am unable to read it.


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  1. waliz said...

    i love to come at yr site bcos u gv a review in great detail. i only hv artsy mm so far..but people like u will help me to decide which one is the best..i'm not going to make th same mistake like i did last time.