Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Louis Vuitton Monogram Neverfall by Tia

   Hey everyone, Happy Turkey day. Before I present another bag review by the lovey Tia. I just want to make a few announcements. 
First, there is a 20% off printable coupon (in-stores only) for Coach bags at factory outlets only. It is good until November 28, 2010. So anyone who is doing some outlet shopping this weekend, could save some money.

Second, I also have a complete list of all black Friday deals in USA. It's a long list in excel form. It will come in handy if anyone planning on shopping this black Friday. 

Finally, thank you everyone for reading my blog, makes me feel so special. =) Now may I present the lovey Tia and her LV Monogram Neverfall bag.

Monogram Neverfull
Again I bought this from a street vendor but this time in Venice, Italy for 40 euros. I think I got it down so low because the police were around the corner and he just wanted to make a sale lol l. I take it to University everyday and its a great size for all my textbooks and laptop etc. I think the quality is alright - I mean it hasn't broken or anything, but the handles havn't quite oxidized yet but oh well. Its a pretty good bag all up minus some pretty dodgy stitching on the rims and the inside is a bit sloppy but its on the inside so it doesn't bother me. 


  1. Hi, i prefer your speedy in terms of quality:) Love the style of the neverfull as well and for 40 euro its a good deal. was in italy before and know how nervous these guys are lol...was too young to want a bag that time but my mother bought 2 lv bags.
    im a student myslef and got the mulberry alexa oversized recently for college. my review should be up soon. hanging to get a shoulder bag from mulberry and was going to order from jacky but after reading that scary article about the women with her chanel bag i dont know if i should take the risk. anyone buy anything from jacky and how was the quality?? Even for the good prices i don't want to get a bad quality bag id prefer to pay more then. thanks:)

  2. I purchased an oversized Alexa in oak from Joy and I LOVE it. It is perfect! I will try and post pictures soon, I'm just missing my camera cord.