Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Balenciaga Part-time Brown in RH Review

     After my less than favorable run with the Newbagfactory, I set out to find another seller that are selling Balenciaga bags. I was looking for a seller that has great customer services and great prices. I came across oobags and looked at the online store and liked what I saw. Pretty good prices and looks like they have great customer services. The only problem is trying to decide what color I want and in what style. After days of looking at pictures and also at what color bags I have in my small collection, I finally decided on the brown color in the part-time style. The color brown is very versatile and yet classic looking, which could look great in a causal outfit or a suit. I contact oobags and asked the seller a few questions to test out the seller's communication ability and how long did it take for the seller to contact me. I was very pleased in knowing that the seller was more than happy to answer any questions I might have and also helped me in deciding which color I want as well. The best thing I like was the price was 35% cheaper than Newbagfactory and the bag was in lambskin. On to the negative, the bag's quality is not as good as Newbagfactory, but looks still as good. The bag has a nice leather smell to it and looks very distress looking. It is not as soft as Newbagfactory or as thick (The leather is thinner.), but with continuous use, I'm sure it will soften up. The bag is a little shiny, but it could be fixed up with some apple care product. The size is the same as Newbagfactory. The only thing that bother me about the bag was the handle was a little off as you could see from the pictures, but I doubt anyone would notice it and for that price, I cannot complain. The bales doesn't dip down as you will also see in the picture. To me, the bales doesn't bother me because i won't be using the shoulder strap. I hope my review and pictures will give you an idea if this bag is right for you.

The front of the bag.

Another view of front of bag.

Picture of the hardware on the left side.

Picture of the left side of the hardware.

Front of bag with the hardware.

The handles.

The back of the bag.

The back of the bag with the heardware.

The side of the bag.

The other side of the bag.

Inside the bag.

The label.

The back of the label with the serial number.

Back of the mirror.

The front of the mirror.

The zipper.

The other zipper end.

The back of the zipper.

The other back of the zipper.

This was off. The back handle end was not well put together.

The back of the handle end.

Handle end.

The other handle end.

More picture of the back of the bag hardware.

The left side of the hardware.

The other side of the hardware.

The back of the strap.

The front of the strap.

The straps' ends and the bales don't deep in.

The length of the straps are 30in.

The width of the strap is around 2.5in.

The length of the leather strap piece is a little over 7in.

The width of the handle is 1in.

The bottom of the bag is over 16.5in.

The width of the bottom of the bag is 5in.

The measurement of the  front side of the bag is almost 16.5 in.

The width of the bag's front from top to bottom is 9in.

The length of the back of the bag is 16.5in.

The width of the back of the bag is 9in.


  1. thanks for such an in depth review! I will definitely look up this seller!

  2. Alexis said...

    Hi Craftress, like your blog! Especially since you buy from a wide range of sellers, review bags throughly and feedback on the various sellers. Keep up the good work!

  3. thanks for the bag-review. i have been researching for my first bal in the purseforum. after seeing your pictures i would definitely not buy from them - the hardware, handles and the oring, inside tag are all off, and the leather is not very nice, and as you have pointed to those bales are really yuk! looks like their service was better, but their bag should be binned. jenny c

  4. are you kidding when 'this bag looks good' - it is a really fugly looking fake. everything is all wrong, and cheap lambskins. don;t carry it i f you like good reps.

  5. Clzaa said...

    Hi Craftress!!

    It is me again. I am sorry that I promised will email you the items that I have bought from Catty. I am so tight up with my work & I just moved to a new place. Lots of things to clear before I can settle down. Do endure with me & I will sure find a time to write my experience with Catty and how I feel about the bag I have.

    Again, recently I am looking for a Balenciaga bag. Any recommendation from you? (:

  6. "are you kidding when 'this bag looks good' - it is a really fugly looking fake. everything is all wrong, and cheap lambskins. don;t carry it i f you like good reps."

    Thank you for your honest opinion, but I guess to me it doesn't look that bad. Not many people carry bal bags in NYC. They mostly carry LV's and Gucci, so it doesn't bother me. If you have a better seller, please let me know.

  7. Hi Clzaa and welcome back. So far I don't know of any good reps of bal bags except Newbagfactory, unless you do not mind the long wait.

  8. Clzaa said...

    Hi Craftress, I really wanted to get a Balenciaga bag but is NBF worth buying in terms or workmanship and quality?? Advise ....

  9. I just wanted to say that I stumbled across your blog looking to find info on rep bags and I am so glad I found your blog! It is great to be able to find reputable info without having to hassle with registering on a forum.

  10. Hi Clzaa, I wrote a very detail post on shopping experience with Newbagfactory, please read my review on Part time bag vert d'eau in GSH.

  11. amy said...

    Hi there just wanted to say thank you for doing what you are doing!I am looking for a good Gucci Jackie and a MJ stam. I keep reading posts about Catty and Jacky. Have you purchased from them? how do i find them? I have purchased from Joy and was ok but would like to find another source as her stam looked kinda ehhh.
    please let me know amylovesskin@gmail.com

    thank u:)

  12. Hi Craftress,
    Just wondering if you have heard anything about sweetisitems on ioffer for Balenciaga clutches? Their pics look awesome! I m contemplating if I should get from them tho everyone is raving about NBF..

  13. This is crazy.. there is no such thing as 1:1 replica. If you want the cheapest and the best quality you really can't fine it unless you manufacture it youself. I've been to China, Shenzen.... is an eye opener. Every women who wants the cheapest and the best quality should visit Guangzhou yourselves and hunt down and visit the factory directly.