Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pictures of LV trevi, speedy and galliera bags by Tanesha

Hi the follow pictures are taken by Tanesha. She didn't want any seller's information, that is why the pictures are limited. She is very generous to share with everyone the bags she brought. She also wrote the following to help others when buying reps. Thank you Tanesha.  

"i LOVE my galliera!!! at first i was concerned about the material it was made of but joy reassured me that it was in fact made from coated canvas. i have lots of pictures of it. in 2 of the pictures im posting, the trevi pm and the damier azur speedy are going to be featured in it. i DID NOT order those 2 bags from Joy the trevi came from toptopbag.net and the speedy from e-replica-bags.com."

i just wanted to send you some before/after pictures of my galliera that i bought in november. these are the same pictures you posted in november '10 of my galliera. i just did side by side pics so it was easier to tell the difference in colors. I was hoping you would post them so people could stop asking if joy's LV oxidizes or not. these pictures are proof that it does! i didnt do alot of pictures. only a few of them so people could get the idea. my galliera pm has a nice light patina going on and im surprised it's actually even. it's been only 5 months since i've had it so it's going to get darker. i can't wait to see what it looks like after 1 year.



  1. Macy said...

    Does the Brass part of the strap (don't know what you call it) at the top have "Louis Vuitton" engraved on it?

    From what I know, the original does have, but Joy's version has it engraved on each of the 2 large rings holding up the strap instead.

    But guess I will still buy this Galliera PM from Joy. Overall still a 80% match, looking from your photos and the photos on FabAAA.com

  2. cute bags Tanesha, thanks for sharing luv!

    I know someone who has the Galliera from Joy and it is perfect and the handles are golden brown and she's had it since the early summer. Such a cute bag dressed up or down!


  3. Tanesha said...

    yes it does have "Louis Vuitton" engraved on the brass part. i just sent maria some more detailed pictures so hopefully she will be posting them soon.=)

  4. tanesha said...

    wait are you talking about the buckle part on the adjustable strap? im not really sure which brass part you're referring to?

  5. Hi All- Just a quick observation on the Galleria. I have the authentic one (and yes I should have my head examined) but the leather used in this bag is different that the leather in a typical Speedy. It is buttersoft. There is no red edging on the strap as depicted in these photos. Also my bag has "made in the USA" stamped; not made in France. It looks like a nice rep, but I just wanted to offer those comparisons. Thanks

  6. all louis vuitton bags aren't made in the u.s.a. i've seen some authentic gallieras that are made in france. but yea i kinda figured that they wouldn't have the same materials since it's a replica.

  7. i have this same bag from joy and it is butter soft i have compared this bag to the galliera i got from vanco, which is some what stiff compared to joy's. the authentic one does have burgundy edging on the strap.

  8. What do you mean by buttery soft? I've purchased the Artsy and Eva Clutch from Joy and both have had a glossy canvas that photographed very green in the LV. I loved the Artsy so much that I went and got an authentic and the canvas was more "porous" not shiny like the replicas and the brown background was more "chocolatey"...if you know what I mean;) I've decided to not buy anymore monogram from Joy b/c of that.

    I am going to try the Damier and was actually looking at the Trevi PM but on Joy's site the Date Code is on a tab instead of imprinted. How is your date code on the Trevi? Thanks!

    BTW--Love this blog!

  9. well like mentioned above, my trevi didn't come from joy so idk what hers is like. i got my trevi from toptopbag.net and mines is imprinted on the inside of the pocket. i love my trevi tho, i think they have better materials than joy in my opinion.

  10. when i said buttery soft i was talking about the vachetta used on this bag. i've had two gallierras one from vanco and one from joy. the one from vanco is very stiff and stands up on it's own and the vachetta is a lower tuffer grade but did have the - on the plate but the one from joy is very soft and the vachetta feels wonderfully smooth.

  11. hey I got the galiera from joy as well... it's nice and almost exact, but one thing ism, the interior is a bit furry compared to the authentic ones which feel alittle suedish. I also bought a Trevi from Joy as well, and yes the date code is on a tab in the pocket, not imprinted. But other then that, they are good quality from joy I'm satisfied. no more buy $1,000+ bags for me :)

  12. hi
    can i pls have joy's email id really like to purchase a replica jimmy choo bag..lisa.arigbe@yahoo.com

  13. Hello!!
    Your bags are beautiful and would live to have her address so I can get one!!! Thank you!!