Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A whole bunch of Coach reviews.

    This is one of the designer labels I refused to buy reps. I didn't see any point because it's so cheap buying an authentic from any outlets and on top of that Coach factory would often have discount. Often times I would get an additional 20% coupon off of all purchases. I am not much of a Coach  bag lover. I have yet to find a coach bag I really love that fits my style. I often purchase wristlets, wallets and just recently I purchase a fanny pack which I love. Yes, I am guilty of bring back the 80's with a fanny pack purchase. This is a mini haul of my Coach collection. It's not much, but hopefully I will be getting more in the future.

The front of the fanny pack.

The back of the fanny pack's buckle.

Inside of the fanny pack.

The end straps.

The back packet of the fanny pack.

The length of the fanny pack is almost 9in.

The bottom of the fanny pack is 8.5in

The length of the bag connecting to the strap is 15 inches.

The front of the wristlet.

The strap.

The logos.

Inside of the wristlet.

The length is 6in.

Front of a wristlet. I love the flower imprint.

The back of the wristlet.

The strap and logo.

The length is 6in,

The front of the wristlet.

The back of the wristlet.

The logo and strap.

The length is 6in.

Inside of the wristlet

The front of the wallet.

Another view of the wallet.

The back of the wallet.

Inside of the wallet.

The back of the wallet.

The length of the wallet is almost 7in.

The measurement from side to side is 3in.


  1. waliz said...

    i like coach and i have authentic one because like u said we can get cheaper.usually i bought from a boutique and it can cost me more than 1k in my currency. could u pls give the shop link that can give me 20% discount so i can buy straight from them just like whn we buy reps.thanks

  2. The 20% discount is only for coach outlet stores in USA. Not for international orders.

  3. Miasma said...

    To anon

    Also, good luck getting repchat to tell you any of the rep websites. They won't do that until they consider you worthy like they do at the fashionspot (hence why I'm giving out the websites I do know because I think thats complete crap in my opinion. Rep websites won't make more money to get bigger if they don't have a steady stream of new customers :-/).