Monday, December 6, 2010

Chanel Classic bag Review.

     Hi everyone, Hope everyone is doing well. Today's bag review is the Chanel classic bag. Personally I am not a good fan of Chanel. For anyone who is out there and love Chanel, you are in luck. I was at a friend's house and she had an authentic Chanel bag and I asked her if I could take pictures. I hope the pictures below could help anyone who wants to buy a Chanel rep could use the pictures below as comparison. When buying a Chanel rep, please do as much research as possible. Chanel is another bag that is hard to replicate. The newest Chanel model have two flaps as shown below. Please take note. Look at the stitching, color, measurements and make sure it's lambskin, not some plastic leather passed as lambskin.

Please enter my Christmas contest. The winner will be announce in about a week.

The front of the bag.

The buckle front.

Back of the buckle.

There are two flaps.

Inside of the inner flap has the Chanel logo.

The Chanel stamp inside the bag.

The snap button.

Inside of the bag have two compartments.

The back of the bag have a pouch.

The side of the bag.

The width of the bag is 10in.

The length of the bag is around 7in.

The bottom of the bag is 3in.

The length of the bottom of the bag is 10in.

The length of the handle to the bag is 9in.

The handles.

The length is 6in and the length of the flap is 4in.

The side length of the bag is 6in.

The width of the side of the bag is under 3in.


  1. Good morning, the biggest problem I have seen with the replica Chanels is that the quilting is usually way too puffy. I've got one authentic C tote and the stitching along with the quilt is impeccable. I guess it's OK if your bad is only a hundred or so but if I've buying a fake for 3-$400 I want a really well done bag..still searching for a really good seller. I want a Birkin

  2. Hi all, just ordered a mulberry bayswater oak + mulberry somerset wallet from jacky. Should get by the end of next week so another review to come:) Can't wait, hope it works out.

  3. is there any winner for the contest yet? maybe i missed the boat.

  4. To waliz. I am away this week, so I haven't had a chance to pick a winner yet. Once I come back next monday I will announce the winner.

  5. hello :) really nice this blog. :) i will be following you from now on :)
    im not an expert regarding this jacky, nbf and etc
    but i would like to buy some balenciagas next year.
    do you think its possible if you give me the web sites of jacky and newbag factory please???
    thanks a lot :)

  6. Hello,

    I am new to rep bags and in need of the best sellers, Thanks to your blog I am now aware of the fact each seem to have their own speciality.

    I used to buy authentics but as I was made redundant from a good job, and I am currently expecting my first child, I just can't afford to anymore.

    I am after Joy, Jacky and catty's details so I can also look at the reps they sell, as too many people have had bad experiences with other sellers. I will mostly be purchasing LV's at first as these seem to be the easiest to replicate.

    For some reason no one wants to disclose these sellers contact details? I would love to contribute my experiences but need the assistance of other rep buyers to help get me started.

    I also nearly purchased from Purse Valley after coming across Sofia Nolans blog!!!! but as you say she was over plugging rep valley and I grew suspicious, and decided to research her a bit. What I found was shocking and I really feel it for people when they get ripped off.

    To be honest I know there a pros and cons to buying reps, as the evidence you provide even with items from Jacky, Joy and Catty the bags are not 100% mirror images. As I beleived I would be able to find in a rep bag.

    So again I am asking for someone to please provide the details of theses rep sellers so I am too able to join the club of GOOD rep bag owners!



  7. Hi all!
    I recieved my mulberry bag and wallet today from jacky. Very satified...especially the wallet, its fantastic quality. will post a review asap:)
    To chan and natacha, i only got the jacky website because i posted a review about a site i tried out. You must post a review before craftress gives you info on the sites so we help eachother out. So if you have bought a replica from any site post a review to recieve the site name. One little tip, the joy site is mentioned in one of the blogs here so if you read carefully you'll find out. Haven't ordered from joy yet myself. Sorry im not allowed to give any more info:( Hope you'll find out the site though. xo

  8. Hi all!

    Ok I do understand the process and yes I have managed to source Joy, NBF & I think catty's Website.

    It's just I wanted my first purchase to be from Jacky as I keep on reading he has the best LV's!!!!(Some one please confirm this?).

    Trish thanks for the advice!
    I will purchase a LV from Joy as it seems this is the only way to obtain Jacky's details from anywhere!!!!! Craftess, to be fair this system is the easiest way to obtain any sellers info.

    But what if unlike me a newbie does not know any good rep sellers to buy from to make that first purchase to contribute to rep bag forums? I know if they look hard enough they will find them (except J's).

    Are we able to help a first time buyers with at least one sellers info????? I would hate for anyone to buy a bag at a ridiculous price, when I know there is some where they could have got it for much cheaper. I actually came across Joys site before I knew it was hers lol!!!!

    I am more then happy to do the ground work on rep bags, make a purchase and post my reviews here and other forums. But I just want to purchase from the best rep bag seller that's all.

    So what you guys can help with is whether Joy, Catty or Fang Fang is the best person to order LV's from?
    I can't decide whether to purchase a Monogram Canvas Palermo GM, Monogram Canvas artsy MM, or a Speedy 30 as my first purchase. Bearing in mind I'm about to be a first time mum so will need all the extra space but I don't want a reserved bag design just as yet as I'm still young.




  9. Hi!
    Well, I just posted my review from jacky to craftress with pics so you can make your mind up maybe channyberry:)Got the mulberry bayswater oak and the somerset wallet also mulberry.
    I suppose joy's name is given away for first time buyers so they have a site to order from for their first review. I haveen't ordered from them yet but they are meant to be very honest and a good site to start from. I know what you mean though and agree. Nobody wants to pay too much or get a bad deal but like i said joy's site is mentioned.
    For your LV bag...have not ordered any lv myself yet so can't tell you which site but i think lv seems to be joy's speciality. I think you want something hobo like that hangs comfortably on your shoulder and where you can just easily access and through your things into it. Nothing with a flap like my bayswater, its too much hassle opening that with a kid on your arm. So maybe go for the lv artsy? i like the style anyway. The palermo also seems practical but don't know about the speedy. xo

  10. Hiya Trish!

    yeah the I think the arty is a good idea for now.
    I much prefer zips for security though, but many girls have bags with out them so I should be alright......

    Yes I will post pics to craftress once I decide between fang and joy. Fang is a bit overpriced but the red stuff on the leather(I don't know what it's called) seems to be a little bit darker then whats on Joys bags, but this could be down to lighting.

    Not much from Craftress lately???
    Are you still blogging?


  11. Hi chan,
    its coated canvas though not leather isn't it? I think go for the cheaper option because all replica's only cost about 50 quitt to make and the rest is profit so why pay more. I paid way too much for my first purchase for the mulberry alexa (in one of the reviews here) from, like way too much and now i ordered a bag for the third of the price and the quality is even better. Ya been wondering about craftress too:)?? No mail back from her yet about my review anyway.
    Let me know on what bag and site you decide to buy from chan. Wouldn't worry too much about no zip there is always a button to close the bag so it not completely open. Later! xo

  12. oh ya craftress said she is away this week and back monday. Guess we'll have to wait:)

  13. Hi I am back, To chan and natacha. You could give me any designer bag review from any rep website for a seller information. if you have any friends who have rep bags or authentic just use their. just follow the rules and regulations that is posted on my blog and you should be fine.

  14. Yaaaaaayyyyy Craftress your back!!! :-)t
    Craftress with my hunt for rep sellers, I've come across quite alot of sellers. When I do my bag review can I also send you some other websites for you to look at? As I am not sure if they are worth me trying.

    Ok Trish for my first order I will go for Joy I will go for the Artsy as someone just posted a review here saying hers are good!

    I do like the look of fangs but the price is a turn off.


  15. Sometimes I think these sellers get their stuff from a few similar warehouses/factories - so only those who actually have the bags shipped to them first (so that the sellers can inspect/reject) as opposed to the bags being shipped directly to us (the buyers) are the ones worth buying from because they do some kind of quality control. But I agree about Fang Fang's mono being overpriced. Like, for instance the LV Damier N51106 - Jacky has it, Fang has it, other ioffer sellers have it too. So whats the difference, right? Sorry - my post has no conclusion. I guess I'm just thinking out loud =)

  16. sure chan you could e-mail me the website, but i could tell you that most likely the website have pics from jacky's website. one of the website that uses dropshipping from jacky is I posted proof of this on and my comment got deleted.

  17. hello all, i need your help by getting these websites to order, i have never used replica before, i tried once from and payed 350$ through paypal, and got totally a different thing, they didnt refund my money although they promised its a real or my money back, i used to afford real designer bags before but not anymore so please help me get bags that looks real to keep at least what i used to wear, i will wait for your reply.
    thanks & i love your blog.


  18. To abeer, Sorry that happen to you if you need tips on buying reps please read my post on tips on not being scammed on ioffer.
    My advice is to contact the ioffer seller and ask for a refund and if they refused contact your credit card company. Please be careful when dealing with unknown sellers and make sure you read as much as you can on replica bags not only from this website, but from forums and chat rooms. Good luck.

  19. My first rep bag was a Chanel that I purchased from China. I love it but I hardly use it because it is too big for my <5' frame, but it is so perfect for travelling. Will be posting pics soon...

  20. to Craftress, thank you for replaying, but can you email me Jackys website to order a bag for me, and what do you think of bagaholic bags is it worth it? as the prices very high for replica bags.

  21. To abeer, please read the following post if you want any sellers information.

  22. Hi, I didn't know where to post my question but since it's related to Chanel I'll do it here. Has anyone bought Chanel from fang or Jacky? If so how was the quality? I notice that Fang's Chanel is so much pricier than Jacky's maybe it's due to the marerial (quality) of the bag? Any input rep fashionistas?


  23. Has anyone tried ehbes******* ? Their customer service is quick. And seems to have alot of pics for their products, i just want to know yOur experience and quality of the bags?

  24. Hello!

    I am new to this blog but has kind of good experience in rep and auth bags. How can I find Jacky, Catty, Fang and Joy. Ive been buying from B&S and NBF and love it but now i am looking for other brands. Please help

  25. Hi there, i was wondering whether someone could let me know how i can get Fang fang and jackie's website details?

  26. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone can email me a good website for a Chanel classic handbag. I'm looking for one for soo long but can't find it.

    I almost bought from Pursevallley also but thank god I saw it was a scam!! Also beware of they sent me a defective and very bad replica Chanel bag.

    Please email me at

  27. Hi everyone, could you send me the contacts of jacky,cathy,fang and joy please?my email is
    Tkx so much!!!!!!

  28. Hello i'm interested buy authentic grade birkin or kelly Hermes and also Chanel or Bottega Veneta , I am interested only perfect replica is possibile contact me at my address mail for to give me the web site of Catty or Jacky or other dealers-suppliers??
    Please i whant only the best
    Thanks a lot

  29. hi can someone please email me Catty and Jackys website

  30. can you please e-mail me the seller that you purchased this chanel bag from? i've been looking for one that looks this good but i have been out of luck! thank you. and if someone has jackie's website details or caty's let me know :)

    email :

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  32. Hi! Can you please e-mail me the link to any website that sells replica Chanel bags! I've been looking for legitimate websites to purchase the grand shopping tote! Thanks a bunch!!


  33. Is there anyone out there who is willing to share Jacky's contact with me? I really want to buy a lambskin ch*n*l boy so badly!!! Kindly email me at, you have no idea how much this means to me!