Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gucci Jockey Large Hobo handbag review by Anonymous

   The follow bag review is the Gucci Jockey Large Hobo handbag review by anonymous. Thank you for sharing. 

Gucci Jockey:
I'm a big girl (5'8") and this bag is still big for me (see modeling pic for gauge on size). That's ok because I like big bags but for smaller girls out there, you might reconsider the bag's size. I have never seen the authentic Jockey IRL so I'm not going to compare - the only ones I've seen are online because I think Gucci discontinued this style/model. In terms of color and texture, it is close to the Horsebit Hobo - the canvas is NOT faded like a lot of copies out there (that's a good thing :p). The bag is sturdy and the markings look like they are in place. The quality of the bag is very good. I walked into the Gucci store and no SA looked twice at my Jockey - I'm taking that means its passable  =) I've had this bag for a few months and this has become my go-to bag this winter. Oh ... and this is again, from Joy.


  1. Thanks for posting this

    Seems like everyone has purchased bags from joy I have been considering!

    The bag is very nice a bit too big for me though! I think the medium will be ok for me, I shall add it to my wish list lol! ;-)


  2. the bag is lovely and the canvas looks really good too. joy definitely seems like a great site to order from. pitty about the artsy for you chan in terms of comfort...the handle looks a bit stiff alright.

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  4. The only difference is the handle.. The authentic's handle is wider and more flat with the Gucci logo imprinted on the top.. Great replica :)