Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas LV Artsy MM bag review by Anonymous

The following review is by someone who wish to be nameless. Thank you for sharing.

LV Artsy:
This is my most recent purchase from Joy. I haven't even worn her out yet ..... for a few reasons. First, this is a BIG bag even though its the medium size. Second, the bag does not fall nicely - I'm not sure if its the same problem with the authentic because they don't have this at my local LV store therefore I can't compare the authentic in detail with my rep. However, I've seen this up close twice (close enough to touch the bag and hold it - but not long enough to model or check details, etc :p) and the color, texture and weight of the rep is very close to the authentic. I think Joy actually got a pretty darn good copy here. But like I wrote before, the bag is "difficult" to wear - it doesn't sit comfortably on the shoulder - forget about wearing it over a jacket, it'll never fit/stay. It's more of an "arm candy" bag ... but unlike the speedy, its massive to keep on the arm for too long. So for those interested in this bag, I'd recommend getting it from Joy because I've seen ioffer sellers selling it for way way more and Joy has such good copy of it anyways. BUT before buying the bag, try to see if you can test/model it at your local LV store because it might not be as comfortable as you like  =)


  1. I also got this same bag and felt that the canvas was very shiny compared to the original which seemed to have a deeper background brown. However, for the price it was a great buy. I used sun tan oil to speed up the patina and it worked great!

  2. thats interesting that you say that because i have the same problem with my bayswater that i wrote a review about. one of the straps always falls down and they are just big enough to fit on my shoulder. the bag actually needs to have some wait in it to stay put. tried it with the real bag but there seems to be the same problem.
    sorry my pics are darker than i thought...still have to try to fix the leather. worn it out a few times and got some compliments though:)

  3. that bag has like a 2inch drop for the handle/strap, but it's gorgeous. unfortunatly i had to send mine back, because that rolled handle/strap was uncomfortable and it really annoyed me.

  4. Mine sits right and is less squarish than yours and more triangle'ish I guess you can say. Mine is GM however. I plan on doing a review since I know its a popular item. Everything aside from the shape on this one looks correct to me.