Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mulberry Alexa Bayswater and Matching wallet bag review by Trish

The following bag review is the Mulberry Alexa Bayswater and matching wallet by Trish. As always a very great and detail review. Thank you for sharing.

Hi everyone!
                 So i have made my first purchase from jacky. I ordered the mulberry bayswater in oak, a classic, and the matching somerset wallet in oak. The site itself doesn't give away much information. There is no life chat and their e-mail was kind of hidden on the site. The choice is smaller than other sites but the prices are very good all around 100$ so you can't argue with that.
I wanted a shoulder bag for college and the mulberry bayswater is the perfect size and its very neutral and subtle so pretty much anything you throw on will look good with it. I put in my order to pay with western union and i got a mail back within 12 hours saying that customs are very strict now and they have to sent the bag via dhl service which costs an extra 45$. so the total was 220$ for the bag and wallet. Still a very good price but they should mention this on the site. I agreed and got another mail that my order has been confirmed and the shipment would take 5-7 days. I got a tracking number for the dhl package which i followed and it arrived exactly 5 days later. I find western union a good way to pay and didn't have any problems with it so far if anyone is afraid their credit card account might get cleared out.
The Bag was packed well in a plastic bag and was inside the mulberry dustbag. An immediate smell of leather hit me. The bag felt soft, very nice quality leather. The wallet was also inside the bag. The wallet with card holder looks amazing and immaculate copy of the real thing. I went into the shop and compared both to the real thing. The wallet is pretty much...dare i say it...mirror image. The ruler is in inches, hope you can see its measurements (3.8" height, 0.8" width and just over 7" in length) Even the dust bag is lovely and soft. The actual bag is also very good but again the real bag's leather has a bit more texture to it but its a very good copy. The colour is good though and the thickness of leather is also the same. The stitching is done very well and the inside just looks stunning i think. It seems very sturdy and i think i will have it for a long time.  One flaw to mention is that the bag seems to have some faint marks on the front from bad storage. Some slight creases and marks. I pointed that out in one of the pics. It just looks like the bag is worn in and i will try to apply some leather cleaner to it. Was meant to buy it yesterday when i took it for a walk but i forgot.
 So i would definitely recommend this site. Good service, fast shipping and good quality bag's for a very good price. So what do ye think of my bag in terms of quality etc? Hope this helped, enjoy shopping and thank you craftress for the site Winking smile xo



  1. Wow Trish!!!!
    This bag is stunning, the quality does look superb!!!!! thanks for such a good indepth review on your customer service experience with Jacky. At least he is providing other ways for customers to get their purchases so they dont get seized by customs!o

    I am now dying to see his site!!!!!!
    well look out for my review as I have taken your advise and will go with Joy for my first rep! ;-)


  2. I've had my eye on the Jacky's Bayswater for a while but I wasn't too sure if it's a comfortable everyday bag. Can it sit on the shoulder comfortably, Trish? How do you wear it (since you said you're using it for school)?

  3. Hi girls!
    Thanks for the thumbs up:) Good question...the shoulder straps are just big enough to fit and im a size 2. One of the straps always falls off my shoulder and you kind of need to hold on to the bag for it to stay on your shoulder. It actually needs some weight in it to stay put. So not that comfortable as a shoulder bag. I have seen some women here just wearing it on their arm. The straps are a bit stiff and maybe they need some time and wear to soften. I also tried the real bag on my shoulder and same thing it just about fits...what is it with bags these days and their tiny shoulder straps? Same with the chloe marcie bag, the shoulder straps just fit but doesn't sit that comfortably. Their both lovely bag's though. Hope this answered your question. Also if you do get the bag from jacky make sure you ask for one that has been stored well and not folded. I don't really mind the creases and slight marks but other women might. I think that their bayswater in black would be even closer to the real thing as the slight differencess in leather texture won't be as obvious.
    To chan, great to hear you settled for joy. You still going to get the artsy though? one of the reviews here sait that again! the shoulder straps are stiff and doesn't sit comfortably. Maybe you should ask joy when you mail her about a comfortable shoulder bag, im sure she can help you out. Heard she is very honest with questions about bags...dying to try this site now as well reading all the great reviews. :) xo

  4. Hiya!

    Thanks for the advice I will ask her a few questions about a few I'm interested in. Hopefully she will give me an honest opinion on which of her reps are the best.

    Again nice bag and hope you enjoy!


  5. how do i find the reps???
    Can you put up links please?

  6. "how do i find the reps???
    Can you put up links please?"

    Please do you own research on finding a seller. You could read the following to get some ideas. http://repbagschat.blogspot.com/2010/11/tips-on-not-being-scammed-when-buying.html
    or you could submit a bag review according to the rules and regulation posted. http://repbagschat.blogspot.com/2010/11/how-to-get-jacky-catty-and-other.html

  7. Trish, I really LOVE your bag and wallet. I've been wanting the same ones and have been looking on ioffer and dhg but I think yours is the best one that I have seen. Thank you for this review. Now I know where to buy it. I have been trying to find jacky's address for some times and I think I just found it. I am going to get this bag as soon as I have checked that "my" jacky is the good jacky :).

    Craftress, if you want, maybe I could do a review of my quest of the perfect birkin replica. I have already bougth two of those replica bags, but unfortunately none of them are good enough... But as you see my English is not very good, I am not sure I could do a good review... Let me know if you'd like me to do one in spite of my poor english !
    I have been reading your blog and I really enjoy it. I think it is a very good idea to debate of the + and - of our beloved replica bags ! And you post a lot of photos which is really great... That's the problem with the ioffer and dhg sellers, there are never enough detailed photos to let us know if the bag is really ok or not.
    Thank you very much for this beautiful blog Craftress.

  8. Hi Marie, this is not an English class and no one will judge you base on your English. From What I read, your English is fine. Just try your best and if you want to give me a bag review just follow the rules and regulations on my blog. I think everyone would appreciate a bag review from you.