Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LV Tivoli PM bag review by TJ

     Hey everyone, I am back, hope everyone is getting ready for the holidays. I just want to thank everyone for their e-mails of their bag reviews. I am so happy that many of you are willing to share. First things first, the Merry Christmas contest, the winner is skmoonmoon. I will be contacting you and congratulations. Don't worry, there will be more contest in the future, if you didn't win this time.

Second thing is a bag review from one of our lovely reader. Thank you TJ for the following bag review of the LV Tivoli PM.

      I was given this bag as a present when my friend got back from China. Was told it cost her about USD$70. The brand name wasn't imprinted deep enough and it wasn't obvious once it turn honey brown. I brought it once into a LV boutique when i was there shopping for a gift and the salesperson didn't recognize it, even thought it was real. However i was careful to show only the back side of the bag with no brand name imprinted, maybe that is why? Now lets talk about the zipper! It scratches my hands a couple of time by now, it wasn't well sew on and the quality is real bad as it cuts. On the other hand, the leather used for the bag is sturdy and it retained it's shape well. All in all, i would say it's worth the money as you can't expect top notch quality for only 70 bucks!

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  1. the patina on your bag looks great, do you use anything?(olive oil, leather lotion, obernauf's)